Do Yorkshire vets Julian Norton and Peter Wright still work together?

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Julian found inspiration and a tutor for veterinary work in Peter, whose career started in 1981 when he graduated from the University of Liverpool. With Peter’s guidance, Julian became a hit with viewers of The Yorkshire Vet and he has gone on to star in the Channel 5 series, This Week On The Farm. However, fans of the TV pair might be curious to know if they still work together and the answers.

Do Julian North and Peter Wright still work together?

Earlier this year, it was announced Peter would be stepping down from his role as a surgeon at the Skeldale Veterinary Practice after more than 40 years.

It was revealed he was going to be moving to the Grace Lane Veterinary Centre, Kirkbymoorside, in the North Yorkshire Moors.

Unfortunately, this did mean Julian and his co-star weren’t going to be featuring on the show together regularly, despite working at different practices in the first place.

It was Julian who first left the Skeldale practice in Thirsk, located in the Hamilton district of North Yorkshire.

He was a junior partner in the practice but he decided to pull out when veterinary organisation Medivet carried out a merger.

Peter decided to stay when Julian moved to Boroughbridge but the former’s co-star took his new venture one step further.

The This Week On The Farm star opened up an independent veterinary centre in Wetherby called the Sandbeck Veterinary Centre.

He still doesn’t work with Peter as the veterinary surgeon is now situated in the Ryedale district of North Yorkshire.

Despite not working together, it seems Peter does still have an insight into what Julian gets up to and what his co-star does on the show.

It was absolutely fantastic

Peter Wright

Speaking in an interview ahead of the new series of The Yorkshire Vet, Peter said: “There’s a lovely story where Julian does a cesarean section on a bitch who produced 14 live puppies.

“It was absolutely fantastic.

“I think that’s the biggest litter I’ve ever come across in my entire career.

“A job like that makes up for the sad bits that you get in our world as well,” he told the What To Watch publication.

As Peter is not set to retire anytime soon, there could be a chance his paths will cross with Julian one day and they might still work together.

Peter added: “I had that option [to retire] before I made the move to the Grace Lane practice in Kirkbymoorside.

“But when I asked my wife Lin, ‘Do you think I should retire’ she replied in typical blunt Yorkshire fashion, ‘Well I don’t want you under my feet every day!’

“So I got the message pretty quickly. And besides, I don’t want to retire. I’m doing what I love doing and I go off to work with a spring in my step.”

The two men are always hard at work, however, with Julian working endless hours to ensure his patients get the best treatments,

In a column for The Yorkshire Post, he wrote: “The end of my weekends on call might mark the end of an era.

“I prefer to see it as the start of a new one, a little further down the A1 to the banks of another marvellous Yorkshire river.

“Where many more, exciting veterinary challenges lie ahead,” he added.

This Week On The Farm continues tonight at 8pm on Channel 5.

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