Do Love is Blind contestants get paid?

WHILE Love is Blind contestants go on the show looking for love, they just might find money instead.

The unique dating reality show took Netflix by storm and leaves fans wondering if love really is blind.

What is Love is Blind about?

Hosted by Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa, the reality show follows 30 men and women brave enough to look for love in the ultimate blind speed-dating style.

The hit dating show saw contestants spend 10 days in separate pods talking to their dates through a wall without actually being able to see them.

The concept keeps the couples completely separate until the couples become engaged, so it is only after the proposal takes place that they are able to see each other.

Then the couples enjoy a romantic break in Mexico, move in together and then make their way to the altar together – all in the space of one month.

Netflix said the show is for: "Singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like."

Do Love is Blind contestants get paid?

Unlike other reality shows, the contestants on Love is Blind are truly there to find love rather than make money.

A source told Women's Health, "The participants are paid little if anything. They are truly in it to find love!"

The contestants even provide for their own wedding ceremonies, with production only supplying some of the basics.

When is Love is Blind season 2 out on Netflix?

Fans were delighted when Netflix made the official announcement that the show would be back for season two.

The tweet read: "Love Is Blind ~and~ The Circle have each been renewed for TWO more seasons!"

One fan responded: "Please tell us you’ve already filmed season 2 of #loveisblind and that you will roll it out soon?"

However there's been no update on when exactly the season will be gracing out screens but it's likely to be in 2021.

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