‘Disgusting!’ GMB viewers outraged as comedian defends mocking of Prince George: ‘He’s 8!’

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Prince George and other members of the Royal Family have been reimagined into animated form for HBO’s new series The Prince. However, the series has garnered worldwide criticism for its depiction of eight-year-old Prince George. As a result, Good Morning Britain’s Alex Beresford and Charlotte Hawkins welcomed comedian Leo Kearse and Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu onto the ITV show on Friday to discuss whether it’s ever acceptable to mock a child.

And right away, comedian Leo made his stance on the matter known.

He told the GMB hosts that mocking the young royal was fine as he wasn’t going to watch the cartoon and that he’s in the public eye.

However, Dr Shola was firm in her opposition, blasting her fellow guest and insisting it’s never okay to mock a child.

And it appears many GMB viewers agreed with Dr Shola’s stance, with hundreds taking to Twitter to blast Leo and the TV show.

One fan vented: “@GMB I can’t even believe that someone thought making this TV show was a good idea?!? Mocking an 8 year old boy?? Disgusting!!!”

“@GMB Leave Prince George ALONE.  It’s wrong on every level,” a second weighed in, with a third agreeing: “Disgraceful what is happening to Prince George – another idiotic idea.”

A fourth added: “Watching @GMB This comedian is ridiculous and is missing the point. Terrible parodying of Prince George.”

While a fifth weighed in: “@GMB that man is a disgrace talking about Prince George in that manner. 

“How does George know how much his school costs regardless he is a child and this cartoon should never be allowed. For once l agree with the woman talking.”

And a sixth weighed in: “It’s not okay! HE’S EIGHT!! 

“There will come a day when Prince George will sit on the throne and be King, he will then outrank everyone except the Kings and Queens of other countries.”


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