Davina McCall breaks down in tears over Jade Goody’s emotional Big Brother exit

Davina McCall breaks down in tears while reflecting on Jade Goody's life in a new documnetary.

Ten years after Jade's tragic death following her battle with cervical cancer, Davina talks about her rise to fame in Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain.

The former Big Brother presenter gets emotional as she looks back on the moment Jade left the famous house to cheers from the crowd..

Jade finished in fourth place in the 2002 series of Big Brother, but Davina admits she was the real winner after becoming the Bermondsey Princess.

Speaking in the Channel 4 documentary, she says: "That feeling of real…I can't put it into words. I cannot tell you what that feels like. I felt such enormous joy at Jade's great popularity that night."

In footage of her Big Brother exit, stunned Jade can't believe the reception she is getting after coming out of the doors.

Speaking at the time, Davina can't contain her excitement to interview Jade and gives her a massive hug.

"They love her," shouts Davina as she leads Jade to the middle of the stage – and men even start throwing their boxers at hr.

Reliving the moment, Davina says: "I was sort of thinking look she's just lapping it up. She's born for this."

Davina then gets emotional as she discusses how Jade overcame a troubled childhood due to her mum's drug addiction.

Jade had to care for her mum, Jackiey Budden, after a motorcycle accident left her unable to use her left arm.

Breaking down in tears, Davina says: "I remember Jade saying how she's always looked after her mum, like all her life.

"And I would look at her and think, 'God you've gone into this first foray into being yourself and escaping that past life of drugs and addiction and then turning that around'.

"I mean it was nothing short of fricking miraculous what she did in there."

In the next clip, Jade sees her mum for the first time in months after leaving the Big Brother house.

She then gets a shock when presenter Graham Norton appears and asks her to come on his show, calling her "my little Jade-let".

Jade waves to the crowds down below and confesses: "I feel like the Queen."

The documentary looks at her success after Big Brother – with interviews from her mum Jackiey, her ex-boyfriend Jeff Brazier, husband Jack Tweed and her friends.

*Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain airs tonight on Channel 4 at 9pm

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