Dani Dyer IS standing by boyfriend Sammy Kimmence after he's jailed but 'feels stupid she believed his lies'

DANI Dyer has been left devastated by the jailing of her boyfriend Sammy Kimmence, who sources say lied to her about the gravity of his crimes.

Kimmence, 25, was jailed for three years yesterday after pleading guilty to conning two OAPs out of £34,000.

Dani, 24, left the country to be away from the UK when sentencing went ahead and is now said to be on the brink of dumping Kimmence for good after standing by him.

Insiders said she was overcome with sadness for his victims and was attempting to come to terms with the lies she had been told.

A source said: “Sammy had downplayed the court case every step of the way and led Dani to believe he hadn’t done anything too serious.

“And that he would get a suspended sentence.

“Now she knows the full horror of what he did she is broken, she feels desperately sorry for the two men he scammed and whose lives he ruined.”

Dani had stuck by Kimmence throughout his trial and is now mum to his baby son, Santi, who was born in January.

She feels utterly stupid for ever believing Sammy and she is totally overwhelmed.

She has kept silent since he changed his plea to guilty in April and the pair were able to spend Father’s Day together last month.

However a source said Dani has been left feeling betrayed and is unsure of what the future holds.

A source said: “Dani has been absolutely floored by this, she knows she has to make some massive changes in her life but is so distraught she needs time to think things through.

“She feels utterly stupid for ever believing Sammy and she is totally overwhelmed.

“The little dream family she thought she had has been smashed apart and she is now trying to work out how best to pick up the pieces.

“All she knows is that her baby boy Santi is the only thing that matters now. And she is working out how best to look after him as a single parent.”

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