Corrie star reveals Yasmeen is crushed over cruel Geoff's final act

Yasmeen Nazir’s (Shelley King) life has been turned upside down following her abuse by Geoff Metcalfe (Ian Bartholomew) in Coronation Street. She can’t get Geoff out of her head and is suffering panic attacks and struggling at work because of it.

As much as Alya (Sair Khan) and Elaine (Paula Wilcox) try and help her, Geoff has left a huge impact on Yasmeen’s life, and coming up, Geoff’s final act only makes things worse.

Yasmeen’s problems begin when she discovers Geoff has left her drowning in debt. Meanwhile, as Yasmeen tries to come to terms with the mess Geoff has left her in, matters are made worse when a shocked Tim (Joe Duttine) reveals to Sally (Sally Dynevor) that according to Geoff’s will, he now owns half of No.6 and a quarter of Speed Daal.

The news comes as a surprise to everyone, and as Shelley King explained, Yasmeen learning that Geoff has left everything to Tim just makes blaming herself for everything that’s happened even worse:

‘It is a duality, she doesn’t want it but she knows that she is now not able to leave a legacy for her grandchildren and she blames herself for that. She wants to help them but the thought of going into the places that Geoff occupied not only in her mind by physically is now getting too much for her.

She doesn’t know what to do about this turn of events. She knows what she should be doing and that is facing up to it all and going back to work, but how can she?’

The final demand letters from Geoff leads Alya to realise her Gran’s financial problems are worse than she could have imagined. Shelley continued, adding how Yasmeen feels when she discovers what Geoff has done:

‘This is something else that she has put to the back of her memory because she did tell Imran that Geoff got her to sign things and she just signed anything he asked her to. She is intelligent enough to know she has done those things and she blames herself for doing those things, she questions why she did those things. There is a bit of her who believes that she deserves punishment. The most difficult thing when you come out of a situation, like the one Yasmeen was in, is the voice that says why did you allow yourself to do this?

She wants to run away from this place and everything it stands for, she doesn’t want Speed Daal, she doesn’t want the house, she just wants it all to go away.  She doesn’t know what that would mean for her future but she wants to get away and have a completely clean slate.’

Yasmeen and Geoff’s coercive control storyline has been one of Coronation Street’s most memorable storylines. Despite Geoff now being dead, Shelley gave her thoughts on how important it is to show that yes Geoff has gone, but the torture Yasmeen is going through won’t stop yet:

‘Soaps are a moral compass and Coronation Street deals with these huge stories brilliantly but this one has been going for three years, having spent that amount of time on research and commitment it would be morally wrong to not follow her story after the abuse ends. People who have been through court cases, have started to move in with their life, the mental scars don’t go away. It is important to show the full picture for all the women and men who have shared their stories with us.

Hopefully it will help their friends and relatives understand that this thing doesn’t go away just because the other person has somehow left your life.’

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