Coronation Street's Maureen Lipman says she couldn't hold partner's hand as he died after Covid despite wearing full PPE

CORONATION Street's Maureen Lipman has spoken of her heartache at being unable to hold her partner's hand as he died – despite wearing full PPE.

Computer expert Guido Castro, 84, had Parkinson's and was living in a care home when he became ill with coronavirus last year.

While he overcame it, the effort it took to do so severely weakened him.

Strict rules to prevent the potential spread of the virus meant Maureen was unable to touch her partner of 14 years with her bare hands in the moments before he died.

She told the Mirror: “It is unbelievable to have to say goodbye to somebody with gloves and a pinafore on. It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

Maureen continued: "He survived Covid in a care home. But he didn’t really survive. It knocked the stuffing out of him”.

Current NHS coronavirus rules instruct hospital visitors to not sit on patients' beds, not to touch wounds or medical equipment and to not use a patient's toilet.

The actress, who plays Evelyn Plummer on the ITV soap, returned to filming in April for the first time since Guido's death.

She had taken a lengthy break after his passing and waited to be vaccinated against the virus. 

The star is determined to continue living her life as best she can and will always appreciate the time she and Guido had together.

“We’ve all suffered and lost people," said Maureen. "Life goes on and in the Jewish prayer for the dead there is no mention of the person who died. It’s a thank you for life. The truth is you just carry on.”

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