Coronation Street’s Hope Stape sent to young offenders as Fiz takes drastic action?

Coronation Street: Fiz leaves with Hope

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Young Hope (Amelia Flanagan) has been extremely jealous since her dad Tyrone (Alan Halsall) split up from Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and moved in with his new love interest Alina (Ruxandra Porojnicu). The Coronation Street schoolgirl had since held a vendetta against Alina, especially since she became pregnant with Tyrone’s baby. But the ITV soap stunned viewers when the 10-year-old snuck into her dad’s new home and set fire to a cot while Alina was upstairs sleeping. When Alina was rescued and taken to hospital, she sadly lost the baby. On Friday’s episode, Fiz and Tyrone worked out what their daughter had done and were disgusted. But Fiz eventually persuaded her e to allow her and Hope to flee, so Hope could have the chance of a normal future. But it seems the youngster may soon be found and placed in a young offenders institute.

Stunned fans have predicted what may come of the troubled girl, with many arguing that Fiz should be getting help for the child.

On forum site Reddit, one wrote: “Hope is pure evil. She set that flat on fire knowing it could kill Alina and the baby.

“She has no soul and no conscience. She will be a serial killer just like her dad.”

They concluded: “I honestly hope she gets caught and put in a young offender institute. She needs a lot of help.”

Hope’s biological father, John Stape (Graeme Hawley), was a murderer who tormented the Street until his death in 2011.

Others agreed, with one writing: “If Alina had died in the fire I still feel like Fiz would bury her head in the sand. She said Hope was like John and they will never understand her. What is it going to take for her to realise Hope NEEDS professional help.”

Another commented: “Exactly, them running makes it look really suspicious.

“I feel so sorry for Alina. She lost her baby, her home and now Ty is going to randomly “find” her keys and make the poor girl feel like she is going crazy.”

Fans have also argued that Hope would end up in real trouble if caught, as she is old enough to know what she is doing.

One penned: “Yeah she’s just a kid who has yet to develop emotional maturity, but at her age I would at the very least expect some level of understanding of basic right from wrong.

“Yes she has established behavioural issues, but is that really an excuse?

“Obviously Ruby’s mum wasn’t a serial killer, and is probably not the best comparison.

“But she’s experienced as much upheaval and disruption as Hope has.”

Fiz herself mentioned that Hope had taken after her father while she was pleading with Tyrone to let them run away.

She told him: “Hope, she’s a Stape. She’s John. And it feels like she’s got a streak of something running through her marrow that none of us will ever understand.”

Horrified, Tyrone replied: “No, we’ll just tell the truth. Hope will get the help that she needs.”

“Who from?” Fiz cried. “Strangers? Men and women in white coats? Prison guards? Social workers?”

She added: “They will take her away from me. I can’t let them take Hope, I can’t. I can’t bear it.”

She begged Tyrone to turn a blind eye to Hope’s frightening behaviour.

Eventually he agreed to let them escape and they packed a bag and fled Weatherfield.

But run-aways don’t tend to go well in Coronation Street, and the suspicious incident is bound to make Fiz look guilty.

Although she aid she’d be prepared to take the blame for Hope, it’s unlikely Tyrone would let that happen.

It would leave his other daughter Ruby (Macy Alabi) without a mother.

Fearing for Fiz, Tyrone would likely come clean about Hope if the police managed to track the pair down.

If the truth comes out, Hope may be sent to a young offenders institution, causing Fiz’s worse fears to come to fruition.

Will Fiz be able to cope with her daughter in such significant trouble?

And could Fiz herself be in trouble for attempting to cover up what Hope did?

By running away, Fiz made it obvious that she was aware it was Hope that started the fire, and that she wanted to protect her.

But she may have made things worse, because her daughter is likely to be caught, and she will face consequences for attempting to flee.

Could Hope get the help she needs, or will she end up getting worse?

Coronation Street continues on Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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