Coronation Street's Eileen Grimshaw takes on gun-toting gangster to save son Todd

CORONATION Street's Eileen Grimshaw is thrust back into drama next week when her son Todd returns to the cobbles.

The taxi operator – who is played by actress Sue Cleaver in the ITV soap – will be forced to take on a gun-toting gangster to save Todd from the criminal underworld he's become mired in.

Todd originally went on the run after punching a police officer during a skirmish in 2017.

But it was recently revealed that the police had subsequently spoken with Todd and all charges had been dropped.

His ex Billy launched an appeal to find him – and it will soon be revealed how Todd fell in with a dangerous crowd.

He tried to con the wrong mark – and next week he returns home for help from his mum Eileen.

But Eileen, who survived a stand off with human trafficker turned super grass Jan's evil slavery bosses last year, and her serial killer ex-husband Pat Phelan, will once again be forced to go toe-to-toe with an armed and dangerous man.

"There's no time to think about it," actress Sue told The Sun Online.

"Eileen just finds herself in it, with a gun being pointed at her. It's like her whole life is just in this bizarre world again!

"But she's determined that she can make it right. She thinks that she can get through to this villain. She's really certain that she can make everything okay.

"Todd's saying to her: 'You're not going to make it okay, keep your nose out of it'.

"But Eileen being Eileen, of course she's not going to keep her nose out. Of course they're all going to feel the wrath of Eileen!"

Will she survive? Or will another killer gangster fall after a battle with Eileen Grimshaw?

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