Coronation Street spoilers: Debbie Webster turns on Ray Crosby after discovering the truth about him

DEBBIE Webster turns on her former lover Ray Crosby after Gary tells her the truth about his sleazy ways. 

Gary will withdraw the sale of Underworld after Ray raped Faye at the end of last month. 

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Viewers were horrified when Ray forced the newly appointed assistant manager of the Bistro to have sex with him in his hotel bath to keep her job.

Ray lured Faye to his hotel suite to taste wine before blackmailing her into having sex with him. 

Gary will catch him assaulting Faye in his office next week as Ray crosses the line once again.

And now it has been revealed Gary will withdraw the sale of Underworld after discovering the truth about Ray. 

Upcoming scenes of Corrie will see Debbie try to get Gary to reconsider the sale. 

But Gary is adamant that he won’t do business with Ray and tells Debbie what he did to Faye. 

Later, Gary puts his plan to destroy Ray into action and heads off with David and Abi to track down Colin, the engineer Ray bribed to cause the sinkhole. 

But David and Abi are gutted to realise Colin has vanished off the face of the earth. 

Later in the week, Ray rages at Debbie for failing to tell him about the revised development. 

He tells her that, from now on, he’s in charge. 

Debbie assures Ray that she’s back on board and that the more properties they can get their hands on, the better. 

Will she find the strength to turn against him once and for all?

Speaking about Debbie’s naivety surrounding sleazy Ray, Sue Devaney told Digital Spy: "Well, they used to go out together and I think Ray really hurt her. Years have passed by since, but she has always gone for the bad guys like Ray.”

She continued: "Debbie threw herself into her work after her relationship with Ray, but she still has a soft spot for him. She doesn't know how letchy Ray is because when she knew him, he was just a womaniser.

"He promised her the world, but he was also promising another 10 women at the same time. I don't think Debbie knows who she has got involved with this time around."

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