Coronation Street: Peter Barlow's alcohol relapse explained

PETER Barlow will turn to the bottle next week in Coronation Street after he’s injured in a horrifying carjacking. 

Here’s the lowdown on the recovering alcoholic’s relapse…

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What do we know about Peter’s relapse?

Spoilers have revealed that Peter will relapse into alcoholism after a horrifying carjacking next week on the soap.

Viewers will see a thug approach Peter in his cab and demand a lift.

But when Peter refuses there’s a violent showdown which leaves him battered and bruised as the thug steals his cab.

Barry, a passerby, rushes over and calls the police. 

And when he hands him a hip flask full of whisky, Peter can’t resist. 

Later in the week, viewers will see Peter head on a downward spiral and it's not long before Johnny and Jenny find him passed out in the pub.

The couple take Peter to hospital, where he wakes to find Carla by his side. 

Later in the week, Peter continues to spiral and Adam finds him in Victoria Garden clutching an unopened bottle of whisky. 

Has he fallen off the wagon?

Are Peter and Carla going to split up?

Spoilers have revealed that Peter’s ex Abi will notice he has fallen off the wagon next week, and warn Carla that he needs help. 

But when Carla tries to talk to Peter, he continues to insist he’s fine. 

When Carla finds out Peter has been lying to her about relapsing, how will she react?

Viewers know that Peter recently helped former drug addict Abi get her life back on track after she suffered a relapse when given painkillers for an accident at work.

But Peter’s closeness to his ex Abi ruffled Carla’s feathers, especially when she made a pass at Peter. 

Could Abi be about to come between Peter and Carla again?

What’s Peter’s addiction history in Coronation Street?

Peter has struggled with an alcohol addiction for years on the ITV soap. 

But after nearly killing his son Simon by setting the flat on fire, Peter vowed to quit and started attending AA meetings. 

Peter had been sober for almost five years until last year when he failed to find his missing girlfriend Carla, who was in the middle of having a breakdown and hiding from everyone in a squat.

Struggling to cope with it all, Peter turned to the bottle before heading off to a rehabilitation clinic. 

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