Coronation Street Geoff death confirmed as villain leaves cobbles in body bag

Coronation Street villain Geoff Metcalfe was confirmed dead during Friday's visit to Weatherfield and fans were delighted.

The abuser fell off the roof to his death after trying to murder his wife Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) during a dramatic showdown earlier this week.

He slipped and fell off the roof and ended up being pecked by Yasmeen’s chickens.

Fans of the ITV soap saw police cart evil Geoff away in a body bag during the latest episode and some rushed to their keyboards to celebrate the end of the manipulative hospital radio presenter.

Taking to Twitter, one fan penned: "Ding dong Geoff is dead."

Another person said: "So glad Geoff is dead. Bye Felicia."

While a third person tweeted: "So Geoff's dead then?.. A bit of a poor send off."

A fourth viewer wrote: "Geoff is definitely dead Yey!"

"Bye Geoff, don't let the morgue door hit your a**e on the way," joked a fifth fan.

"HAHAHAHA BYE GEOFF HUN," cheered a sixth viewer.

In Friday night's scenes, Yasmeen was reluctant to come down from the roof, fearing that she'd be blamed for Geoff's death even though it was an accident.

She insisted that no one would believe her, but even Geoff's son Tim promised that he did and that he'd stand up for her in court if it came to it.

Yasmeen was later interviewed at Sally's house by DS Abney, who said she'd have to speak to her again tomorrow.

The vulnerable woman presumed this meant a night in the cells, but the police clarified that she was a witness, not a suspect.

Still a free woman, Yasmeen was assured by DS Abney that she believes her account of the incident.

Later, back at Alya's flat, Alya tried to assure Yasmeen that Geoff's reign of terror was finally over, but it's clear that there won't be an overnight happy ending.

It's safe to say that the residents of Weatherfield were delighted to finally see the back of Geoff.

Coronation Street continues on ITV on Monday night at 7.30pm

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