Coronation Street fans spot legal gaffe as thugs ‘forgotten about’ in trial

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Coronation Street fans spotted a major legal gaffe on Wednesday, as they noticed two key players had been 'forgotten about' during Seb Franklin's murder trial.

Both Corey Brent and Kelly Neelan were on trial for the killing of the teenager, with Nina Lucas – who was also brutally beaten – up on the witness stand.

However, there was no sign of the other two boys – Eli and Jay – who had badly beaten Nina and had a hand in Seb's killing.

Taking to Twitter, one confused fan wondered: "Are Eli and the other boy not part of this trial? They should be done for GBH on Nina!"

Someone else posted: "There were two other boys involved in the attack. The ones who attacked Nina. Where are they? Have they been called as witnesses or charged with attacking Nina? #Corrie."

"You'd think they'd all start to squeal on each other for a lesser sentence!" another fan echoed.

And a fourth followed up: "I just thought the other boys would be called as witnesses to events leading up to the attack on Seb!"

While someone else said: "Where are the other two suspects, Jay and Eli? Surely, in a murder trial, they'd have all four suspects?"

However, there was a perfectly good explanation – at least to why the boys weren't also on trial.

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Eli and Jay were both charged with Grievous Bodily Harm, while Kelly and Corey were additionally charged with murder, and the two lads both pleaded guilty to the charges, presumably scoring them both a more lenient sentence.

Another fan quickly explained in response to the confusion: "BTW the two minor characters that beat up Nina plead out to avoid a trial, they mentioned it a few weeks back!"

Someone else said: "[Lesser sentences] have to be offered, which we would have probably heard about when we heard they took the deals."

Another pointed out: "It's Corrie though, so it's not realistic. We should have had a hearing for their pleas by now, surely?"

"They pleaded guilty to the attack on Nina. Just need to be sentenced. This trial is just for Corey & Kelly, to determine their guilt or otherwise," someone else helpfully said.

Elsewhere, fans were ecstatic to see Nina back in her Goth attire to take the stand.

Nina curled her black hair and donned an ebony dress, going back to her pale makeup and black lipstick.

One tweeted: "Cheer! When Nina got her true identity back! Never change who you are for others!"

While someone else said: "Nina walking into the dock wearing her 'look' was a pretty powerful moment! 'Yeah, this is me. So what?' #Corrie."

And another echoed: "So glad Nina dressed back in her beautiful gothic style! Seb would be proud. Be proud out there folks! The world is so much more colourful and interesting with you in it!"

"Seeing Nina take the stand as her usual self made me so emotional! So so proud of her, and Mollie [Gallagher's] acting is absolutely brilliant!" another posted with a clapping emoji.

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7:30pm on ITV.

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