Coronation Street fans predict Abi vandalised Seb Franklin’s memorial garden

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Coronation Street fans have predicted that grieving mother Abi could be the person who vandalised son Seb Franklin’s memorial garden at the end of Wednesday's episode.

During the latest instalment of the ITV soap, it finished with a mystery resident trashing the green space and ripping up all the shrubs that had been planted.

It looked as though Asha Alahan could have been to blame as Nina Lucas, who created the garden for her late boyfriend Seb, discovered she had lied to her.

Asha helped raise money for the memorial garden, claiming that Dev was the benefactor behind it but Nina soon realised that this was a lie.

As she thanked Dev herself, he admitted: "My donation? No, Asha's… she sold her laptop so she could donate money. Whoops, she said she would tell you."

And after confronting Asha, she revealed that she still had feelings for her as Nina reminded her they had just buried Seb and had been creating his memorial garden.

An emotional Nina then asked Asha to leave and she was later seen storming out of her house before the garden was destroyed by a mystery culprit.

But fans have predicted that grieving mother Abi could be the person behind the vandalism as she was seen disgusted by the memorial garden during the episode.

Talking about the space, she said: "Remember my dead son as a plum tree? We never had a garden! Everyone's outside, virtue signalling so frantically you could see them through space."

And after Nina revaled it was getting lots of likes on social media, Abi stormed off and was left furious to see people taking selfies at the garden.

She later complained: "No, I'm over the moon. What mother wouldn't want to walk past a life-size cartoon of her son, you know, just in case she's forgotten he's dead."

Taking to Twitter, fans predicted that although it looked as though Asha was the culprit it could be Abi behind destroying the garden.

One person said: "Deffo Abi who destroyed the memorial garden #Corrie."

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A different account put: "I bet it’s Abi who smashed up the garden #Corrie."

Another follower commented: "Has got to be Abi who has smashed the garden up #Corrie."

While a different soap watcher added: "I think Abi destroyed Seb's memorial garden. #Corrie."

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