Coronation Street fans convinced Rick Neelan murdered father of Kelly’s pal Mia

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Coronation Street fans rarely miss a beat, as they appeared to work out that Kelly Neelan's father may have killed her cell mate's dad.

While getting used to being locked up, Kelly made friends with a young woman named Mia, but as the storyline unfolded, Corrie viewers 'worked out' that Kelly's dad killed Mia's father many years ago.

Taking to Twitter, viewers aired their thoughts, while others predicted that Kelly will soon be in for a rough ride ahead.

One fan questioned: "Aaaah so Kelly’s dad killed Mias dad???"

While another concerned fan wrote: "Now they know Kelly's dad was Rick Neelan, she'll definitely get to work the laundry press."

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A third viewer asked: "Oh, does Mia knows about Kelly's dad Rick? What is she been hiding?"

While others believe something more sinister awaits for Kelly and felt sorry for the young lass.

One viewer commented: "Poor Kelly. As if she hasn't been through more than enough already seriously…

Wrongly found guilty of murder. Attempted Suicide . Abuse/Neglect from her Mum. Missing Dad. What's next seriously?"

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Another said: "Poor Kelly she's heading for another fall."

A third tweeted: "Bet that girl in borstal beats Kelly up."

But Coronation Street fans soon discovered, that cell mate Mia will deliver some devastating news.

Mia disclosed that one of Rick's crime rivals has "made him disappear" after years of rubbing people up the wrong way.

She also lets Kelly know that the reason her mother is dead is because of Rick.

She said: "On the estate I saw plenty of blokes square up to your dad over the years. Rick Neelan never backed down.

"If your dad disappeared, someone disappeared him."

Kelly is currently behind bars as she serving time for the murder of Seb Franklin.

Although she wasn't the main perpetrator of the crime, Kelly's involvement and lack of proper legal representation meant she had to server her time.

But as she settles in to prison life, will the young teen be able to cope?

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