Coronation Street: Curtis reveals ‘life-threatening’ heart condition and says he could ‘drop dead’

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Curtis Delamere revealed that he has a "life-threatening" heart condition on Monday's Coronation Street which could see him "drop dead" at any second.

The character, played by Sam Retford, was forced to tell Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) after he accused him of cheating on his daughter Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell).

The ITV soap has previously teased that Curtis has been hiding something from Emma and things took a dramatic turn on Monday when he started to behave suspiciously.

Curtis decided to rush off from his charity calendar with Emma, pretending that he had a dental appointment, but he was soon spotted by Debbie Webster in The Bistro with a young woman "looking cosy".

And when Debbie let slip to Emma's dad Steve what she had witnessed, he rushed off to confront Curtis and demanded to know what was going on.

Steve accused him of cheating on his daughter to which Curtis made the heartbreaking decision to end things with Emma before confiding in her father his real secret.

He said: "She's [the woman he was with] is from my terminal illness support group, I didn't want you to know, I didn't want anyone to know. I have a life-threatening disease."

Steve then asked: "Is there nothing they can do for you?" to which Curtis continued: "Not as yet, it's a heart condition. Beyond that, doctors are baffled."

Asked what the "outlook" looks like, Curtis continued: "That's the fun part, no one knows, I could have a totally normal life span or you know, that's it, any place, anywhere."

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Steven then questioned: "How do you live with it?" to which Curtis said: "I don't know, suppose no different to anyone else in some ways… none of us know. My heart has stopped a couple of times."

Curtis then asked Steve to keep his revelation a secret from Emma, saying: "I'd rather she hated me then grieved me."

Steve agreed not to tell Emma but he found it difficult to stick to his word when he later found his daughter in tears.

Later this week, Steve continues to support Curtis and even offers to accompany him in his taxi, which leaves wife Tracy (Kate Ford) confused and demanding an answer.

While Emma is also left furious after discovering the two have been spending time together despite Curtis ending things with her.

After being confronted, Curtis is forced to tell Emma his secret – how will she take it? And will they get back together?

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday at 7:30pm on ITV.

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