Coleen Nolan opens up on four-year feud with sisters and why they never discuss it

Coleen Nolan opened up about the four-year feud she had with her sisters on Loose Women.

The panel were discussing family feuds and how many people tend to think about those difficulties more as Christmas approaches.

Coleen, 56, shared her own perspective as she reflected on the four years she didn’t speak with her sisters after a fall out.

During Tuesday's show, she began: "It’s been well documented that me and my sisters fell out, we didn’t speak for about four years. It’s a long time.

“But, it was amazing, as every single person who mentioned it they say, ‘but it’s family’, but you can’t always do that with family.

“You have to go, ‘if they were friends I probably wouldn’t speak to them over things that had happened or things that had been said.’”

Coleen admitted that it was the heartbreaking death of her sister, Bernie Nolan in 2013, that made her realise their feud was “silly” and they reconciled.

Coleen continued: “However, it does take something sad, or something momentous to make you go actually this is silly, and for us it was when Bernie died.

“Obviously we were all there and that makes you go, 'Actually this is silly'.”

She told her co-stars that the secret to extending the olive branch and repairing their relationships for good was to never mention the reason they fell out again.

Coleen continued: “But what we did, we reconciled and got back together and decided to just never talk about it again, as in the why’s and wherefores."

Ruth Langsford cut in to add: “As in you’ll probably never agree.”

Coleen replied: “We’ll never agree on what happened, so that’s fine and we’ll put that to bed now, but let’s not go there again and start it all over again.

“As a lot of people go here’s an olive branch but I still don’t agree with you and it never works, but I luckily, we’re closer now than ever.

“What we’ve learnt from it is let’s never get to that situation again, talk about it more at the time rather than cutting each other off.”

Janet Street Porter echoed Coleen’s sentiments as she spoke about reconciling with her sister after her dad’s sudden death.

Ruth asked: “Is that the moment where you go, there is that thing of, like well she’s still family, even if you don’t get on, you’re not the same, you don’t like her? [Is there] something about that family tie?"

Coleen replied: “There’s always that. It doesn’t matter what happens, you can go I hate that she did that I dislike her, blah blah blah but you always love them.

“I never stopped loving my sisters, I didn’t like them during that period, but I always loved them.”

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