Chris Evans partied so hard at CarFest that he lost his voice and could barely speak on Virgin Radio today – The Sun

CHRIS Evans partied so hard at CarFest this weekend that he could barely speak on The Virgin Radio Breakfast Show today.

The show's host called in on his day off from holiday in Portugal to update listeners on how the festival went.

"I'm ok, I'm still a bit groggy, it was the biggest and best ever CarFest and it took its toll on most people that were involved in it, one of them was me" he croakily said.

"My voice was there for a while but then it seemed to… I don't know where it went to be honest.

"I've been for a swim in a salt water pool and I gargled with most of the pool to try and be able to speak."

Last week, Chris revealed he employed the help of seven-year-old son Eli to plan CarFest's opening ceremony.

The presenter, 38, invited Eli and eldest son Noah, ten, on to his Virgin Breakfast Show to discuss the weekend.

Broadcasting the radio show from CarFest South, Chris and Noah talked about their festival highlights.

Noah said: "My favourite bit of CarFest this year is the compost toilets. I think it's a great way to be ecological.

"And they've got kids' toilets as well, which is a good idea. Then kids aren't waiting for hours on end."

Although it was son Eli who really impressed listeners as he revealed he was planning the festival's opening ceremony.

When asked about a recent CarFest meeting, Eli explained that he sat down with "actual" grown-ups to discuss his big plans.

He said: "I told everyone what we're going to do. We're going to make them feel like they're still driving to CarFest."

The youngster, who came up with the entire concept himself, was told he was in charge of planning the festival's opening ceremony last month.

Eli added: "At CarFest North Chris Hughes said I was in charge of the ceremony, so then I got planning.

"I had mum's phone and I showed everyone a video, so then we had a conversation.

"When I was going to bed I asked some people what their superhero was on a piece of paper."

Eli then went on to tell listeners he had hole punched the ideas and gathered them all in a folder.

Chris' Car-Fest, which was set up by presenter in 2011, is an annual family music and motoring event held in Cheshire and Hampshire.

The festival took place over two weekends this summer.

The 'North' leg of the festival took place last month, while the second in the 'South' happened over this weekend (23-25 August, 2019) at Laverstoke Park Farm in Hampshire.

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