Chloe Ferry reveals the secret to her weight loss is only eating three boiled eggs for dinner and getting all her meals delivered

CHLOE Ferry has revealed the secret behind her weight loss – having three boiled eggs for dinner and getting all her meals delivered.

The 23-year-old – who has completely transformed her figure in recent months – admitted she was starving but wasn’t going to eat much because she was trying to be good.

She said:  "I'm really, really starving and I'm on a diet so I'm going to have three boiled eggs. Just three boiled eggs, yep.”

The Geordie Shore star went on to reveal she has been using a meal prep company to keep her on track.

Chloe told her followers:  "Yesterday I was having a bit of a bad day. I was craving pizza and cheesy and chips and garlic bread.

"I feel so much better for sticking to my meal preps and just having my three boiled eggs. I feel amazing today.”

She continued: "Personally it’s not really the gym that I'm bothered about its eating healthy because I love food. I love bread, butter, mash, chips, pasta, I could eat it every day," she admitted.

"It's so hard to diet. Anyone who is out there on a diet and really struggling I don't have any advice for you because I know how hard it is.

"Just think of the next morning when you've ate good you feel good about yourself."

Chloe – who has recently split from boyfriend Sam Gowland –  previously confessed that she had spent over £50,000 on surgery, saying: "It's a lot more, I can tell you that. £50k – I wish! I'm bankrupt… I'm not really. I want more.

"I just love injections and getting filler, to be honest. If you don't like something about yourself, get it changed…

"Before Geordie Shore I could never afford to get anything changed so now I've got the money I'll do whatever makes me happy."

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