Cheryl's homeless older brother reveals 'I don't blame her' as he admits he's hit rock bottom

CHERYL'S homeless older brother has revealed that he holds no grudges against his sister after admitting that he's hit rock bottom.

Homeless Andrew Tweedy, 41, says he has not spoken to the pop star for years — after she previously gave him £20,000 for drug rehab.

Andrew — uncle to Cheryl’s four-year-old son Bear — said he does "not blame" the singer.

He said: “This is what I’m f***ing living like. I’ve been begging here for more than three months and it’s something that has really broken my heart.

“I’ve got so much f***ing pride. With the family I’ve got, I shouldn’t be here. It’s horrible.

“None of them have contacted me. Even though Cheryl’s not helping me, she’s still my family. She probably won’t even know I’m on the streets. I don’t blame her at all. This is the lowest I’ve ever been.”

He shares his makeshift home — in a northern England town — with a pal he met on the streets. Last week, cops visited to find out why they were pitched in a council-owned green space.

Andrew says he wound up on the streets after he split with his girlfriend earlier this year.

He said: “I was grafting in work for two years, scaffolding and merchandising. Then things fell through with the partner I was living with.”

Andrew, who has a son from a previous relationship, has fought a lengthy battle with drink and drug abuse and has a string of previous convictions.

He was jailed for six years in 2011 for an armed robbery on a Post Office.

He told cops his accomplices nicked the loot before hiding a gun, machete and balaclavas at his home.

Tweedy was later shipped out of HMP Durham amid fears there was a £10,000 price on his head. 

He claims it would now be too dangerous to go back to his home city of Newcastle.

“When I go there, I’ve got to be something I don’t want to be. I’ve got to be on my guard and carrying weapons.”

He is now waiting for temporary council accommodation — a far cry from Cheryl, who is worth around £35million and living in a £5million pad in Herts.

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