Charlie charged with Jordan's murder as Mandy hides Ella's secret in Hollyoaks?

Mandy (Sarah Jayne Dunn) made a huge decision in Hollyoaks (December 30) tonight after discovering daughter Ella (Erin Palmer) murdered Jordan Price (Connor Calland).

Jordan was killed during a showdown with Ella and Charlie Dean (Charlie Behan) in Monday’s hour-long instalment.

However, it revealed in the subsequent episode via a flashback that it wasn’t Charlie who killed Jordan, but rather it was Ella.

Yes, as Jordan and Charlie struggled, Ella — still believing Jordan to be a threat — intervened, and stabbed the drug dealer.

Tonight’s edition of the Channel 4 soap saw the residents of the eponymous village come to terms with the events of New Year’s Eve.

Mandy attempted to get Ella to open up her ordeal. The young girl did so, as she explained everything she’d gone through.

Mandy was apologetic, but she soon started blaming Charlie for the whole thing — arguing that he’s a bad influence.

Unable to listen to her mum badmouthing her best friend, Ella came clean — revealing that it wasn’t Charlie who’d killed Jordan, it was her!

Mandy was left in shock, but she ultimately informed her daughter to keep shtum.

Meanwhile, Nancy Osborne (Jessica Fox) and (Ashley Taylor Dawson) had to tell Charlie that he was going to be charged with Jordan’s murder.

Will Mandy keep quiet and thus let Charlie be charged with a crime he didn’t commit?

Hollyoaks continues Monday January 4 2020 at 7pm on E4.

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