Changing Rooms' most DISASTROUS home transformations that left contestants sobbing and throwing tantrums

CHANGING Rooms is about to make a return to our telly boxes, with the '90s hit moving from BBC to Channel 4.

The first trailers have given fans a glimpse of new host Anna Richardson plus the welcome return of Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, but if the reboot is anything like its predecessor, then we can expect some truly disastrous DIY makeovers along the way too.

Originally hosted by Carol Smillie, the show saw couples receive some truly questionable transformations when it came to their homes.

Whether it was the 90s must-have of the inflatable chair or the iconic hanging teapot shelf – it’s safe to say these were designs we loved to hate.

As we eagerly anticipate the new batch of home makeovers, take a look back at some of the very worst transformations from the show.


Aidan Ruff, 59, and wife Helen, from Northumberland, got an almighty shock when they saw how their bedroom had been transformed.

Designer Laurence admitted it was "quite a statement', and a shocked Aidan responded: "Good grief…there's no way I can sleep in here. I'll have too many dreams!"

Arabian nightmares

Red or dead

Susan Dukes, from North Cave, Yorkshire, burst into tears when she saw her bright red dining room, complete with chess checked floor.

Bedder believe it

Branching out

Charlie not

Feeling blue

Beach please

Cushion the blow

Shoot that poison arrow


Violet violation

Pat from Cornwall was taken aback when her cottage was given a lilac overhaul.

She said: "The old stomach's going something awful. I don't know what to say, really."

Throwing shapes

Orange you glad this isn't yours?

Totally Potty

Clodagh and daughter Julia, from Wandsworth, South-West London had a £6,000 teapot collection which Linda Barker and Handy Andy decided to display on a floating suspended shelf.

However, the whole thing came crashing down and smashed the teapots into smithereens.

Not so Mellow Yellow

Steve and Rachel were not expecting a yellow, floral bedroom complete with blue wardrobes.

Steve didn't hold back when asked for his opinion, saying: "I wouldn't have done anything like it – and I don't like it.I'm supposed to be able to go asleep in a bedroom and it's like a kid's play area.

"I think it looks horrendous. It doesn't look anything like a bedroom. So sorry, but it's a big thumbs down from me. It's hideous – and I think it's even too much for Rachel if she was to tell the truth."

Changing Rooms starts on Wednesday, August 18 at 8pm on Channel 4.

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