Celebs Go Dating’s viewers cringe as Lee Ryan fails to hit the high notes during recording session

CELEBS Go Dating viewers were left cringing this evening as Lee Ryan failed to hit the high notes during a recording session on the show.

The 36-year-old singer reunited with his Blue bandmate Simon Webbe to record a new track – but he seemed a bit out of practise.

Talking to the camera, he said: “It's mad sick to see Si in the studios today and we're going to lay down the sickest tune.”

Turning to Simon, he said: “I just think that people need to hear this tune bro, cos it's a banger. It's a banger!”

But as he started to sing he struggled with his notes, admitting he needed to warm up a bit more.

Those watching the show at home found the scene very funny and took to Twitter to discuss it.

One person wrote: “Lmao lee can’t sing #CelebsGoDating.”

A second commented: “If you're not cringing at Lee Ryan are you even watching? #CelebsGoDating.”

While a third added: “Lee Ryan is a terrible singer! #CelebsGoDating.”

Earlier this week Lee admitted he found narrator Rob Beckett’s jokes about him funny – particularly when he was compared to Mexican drug lord El Chapo

He told the Daily Star: "Brilliant, fantastic. The El Chapo thing absolutely done me. I thought I looked alright, it was very stylish stuff.

"I don't take myself too seriously. I was laughing more than anyone."

Discussing the first mixer – where he got rejected by a Rihanna lookalike – he said: "You walk into the thing and we've all got an ego. It helps to break down walls and address that ego first.

"I've learned more about myself on this show than anything else. I was forced to go and ask people out. I wouldn't do that usually, especially when you've just met someone."

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