Casualty viewers in tears after Ken decides to put wife and dementia patient Bobby in a nursing home

CASUALTY fans were brought to tears tonight when Ken decided to put his dementia-stricken wife Bobby into a nursing home.

Saturday’s heartbreaking episode saw elderly Ken struggling to look after Bobby.

The dementia storyline was beautifully portrayed by real-life husband and wife actors Rupert and Emma Vansittart.

The poignant episode showed a series of flashbacks from their younger days.

The couple had dinner together as they celebrated their golden anniversary and Bobby fondly remembered their time in Florence.

Bobby reminisced: “It’s a bit like Florence?” and a happy Ken replied: “Yes! 1973! Remember we raced sticks under the Ponte Vecchio?”

“Of course, I won,” she said, and Ken commented “you did! You always did!”

Bobby then teased: “I had a secret technique” to which Ken commented, “and you refused to tell me what it was.”

She recalled: “Remember that waiter kept winking at me?”

And Ken laughed: “Remember I nearly pushed him into the Arno.”

Later, the couple slow danced to My Thanks to You by Kathy Kirby, where they were transcended into a ballroom and dressed in formal attire rather than a hospital setting.

Ken kissed his wife goodbye before she was chaperoned to the nursing home.

Bobby asked Ken: “Aren’t you coming?”

Close to tears, Ken replied: “I won’t be long… no time at all…I love you to the moon and back, remember?”

Fans were brought to tears as they witnessed the endearing couple's shared moments, as one fan wrote: “Ken and Bobby are breaking my heart!”

A second penned: “Cannot cope with this episode tonight, emotions are everywhere.”

Another said: “Legit balling my eyes out.”

Elsewhere in the episode, viewers saw Rash come face to face with his old PE coach Adil in ER.

Adil blamed himself for Rash’s injury as he thought he pushed Rash too hard.

But Rash shocked viewers as he admitted to Adil that he was hungover.

Casualty is available to stream on iPlayer.  

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