Casualty fans ‘work out’ Tina return in terrifying Jacob ‘stalker’ plot

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Casualty fans are terrified for nurse Jacob Masters despite his abuser Tina Mollett's arrest on Saturday night, as they've worked out a sneaky return twist which could see her back at Holby City Hospital.

Tina was finally arrested after trapping a diabetic woman in an ambulance where she came close to death, before beating Iain around the head with a metal pipe.

Her abuse of Jacob also came to light as she lied about being pregnant and threatened to commit suicide – leaving Jacob panic stricken.

But as though her villainy isn't already enough, viewers at home are certain Tina's arrest isn't the end of her, and are predicting further danger for poor Jacob.

Taking to Twitter as the episode aired, one worried fan typed out: "I was hoping tonight would be the end of the Tina storyline. Have a feeling it may drag on. Hope we don't see her again but I bet she'll be back! #Casualty."

Someone else echoed: "I'm actually scared of what Tina is capable of literally. #Casualty."

"#Casualty It's not over! Tina will be released and stalk Jacob!" another fan predicted.

At the same time, fans were flocking to social media in support of Tina actress Adele James for her "emotive" portrayal of Tina throughout the dramatic storyline.

One posted: "Excellent performances by @ChuckyVenn & Adele_JJames. This storyline has been so important to tell & emotive. I hate Tina and yet at the same time I felt sorry for her and could see that she needed help. Poor Jacob for having to deal with her violence and coercive control."

A second fan followed up: "I mean we all hated Tina by the end of that storyline but that just tells you how incredible @Adele_JJames has been throughout!"

And someone else said: "So glad that Tina's gone, although I will really miss @Adele_JJames, but I bet she'll be in tons more shows soon! You and @ChuckyVenn have mastered the art of acting and I admire you both so much. Good luck for the future, Adele!"

Saturday night's episode was punctuated by Jacob's flashbacks of being abused at home with Tina, and by the end her grip over him was still tangible as Jacob defended her to the ED – and Iain in particular.

And one fan reflected that while Tina may have gone – even temporarily – from the hospital, her influence hasn't.

"Seeing Jacob still defend Tina breaks my heart. She might be gone but he's still stuck under her control," they penned.

Another echoed: "Really well done, how Jacob's world and perspectives have been totally messed up by Tina's psychological abuse."

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