Caroline Flack’s bizarre curtain outfit draws a very mixed response

She usually doesn't put a foot wrong when it comes to fashion and the latest trends.

But Love Island queen Caroline Flack took some risks on Sunday's Aftersun – and didn't totally pull it off.

Her spotty red and white dress wasn't a winner with everyone, but some couldn't get enough of it.

The 39-year-old was grilling the contestants but didn't escape an online examination herself after the very summery number split the viewers.

One joked: "Did anyone else have a sudden craving for Calpol when they saw Caroline Flack’s dress?"

"The stylist that put the dress on @carolineflack1 deserves to be sacked" said another.

"Are they for real complimenting Caroline Flack’s polka dot dress? Stop encouraging her," one put.

"Caroline Flack decided to dress as her own mother to feel included tonight," posted another, while one added: "Why does Caroline flack dress like a 20 year old?"

But there were plenty of positive comments too of course.

One drooled: "Caroline Flack lookin penggg in that pink dress."

Some fans needed more info. "Where’s Caroline flacks polka dot dress from?" one asked, as another was planning for payday saying: "Also, where is Caroline's dress from? Its incredible and I need it."

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