Buyers shocked at £960k 'hoarding house of horrors'

This North London home costs £960,000. This probably reflects how much will need to be spent on cleaners and skips by the current owners to get this place into a liveable condition.

From the outside, the N8 home located between Crouch End and Hornsey looks like a quaint little property – painted in a similar hue to Greenery, Pantone’s colour of the year.

There’s also a sizeable garden – which does need tarting up, but shows a lot of promise.

When you get inside, however, is when you start to see a very different side to the home.

On Twitter, Sarra Manning shared the link to the home’s RightMove page with the caption: ‘I posted this house of hoarding horrors last year. Now it’s back on the market with a small price reduction and maybe they’ve had time for a declutter and a lick of fresh paint. AND MAYBE THEY HAVEN’T.’

Comments poured in from incredulous tweeters, with one saying, ‘After having recently watched Des and Appropriate Adult I’m thinking just one thing,’ and getting the reply from Sarra, ‘I think it’s too cluttered to even be a murder lair.’

Many others questioned the price given the work needing done to the property, with pictures showing peeling wallpaper and cracked tiles throughout.

‘Jesus. I would hire 30 skips and put the entire house contents in them. I lost count of the number of chairs & settees in there,’ one person wrote.

According to the agent, though, ‘this property offers an exciting refurbishment opportunity with extension possibility subject to planning.’

Similarly-sized homes in the area go for between £700,000 and £1.4 million, but whoever takes this on will have their work cut out (and may have to spend a fair amount more) to modernise.

It’s a far cry from Selling Sunset, where house stylists are paid good money to dress a house to attract buyers.

We’re not really asking for that level of attention to detail, but perhaps removing some of the many many items in here would give a clearer picture of what a person forking out almost a million pounds would get for their money.

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