Brits glued to ‘Danny Dyer’-esque plane-spotting channel Big Jet TV as Storm Eunice hits

Thousands across the UK have been 'glued' to watching a nail-biting plane-spotting channel streaming live from Heathrow Airport.

Big Jet TV fans tuned into the YouTube channel, which has garnered 174,00 subscribers, to watch the moment jets attempted to land on the runway at London's Heathrow Airport during Storm Eunice which has recorded record gusts of 122mph.

But it was presenter Jerry Dyer, who has been a producer and editor at the plane-spotting channel since 2016, who has captured the hearts of the nation with his enthusiastic commentary as anxious viewers could not peel themselves away from the dramatic scenes.

Twitter fans likened Jerry to EastEnders actor Danny Dyer as as he applauded the landings by commenting, 'go on son', 'fair play mate', 'bosh', 'get it down' along with 'nicely done' as as Emirates A380 eventually touched down.

Meanwhile social media fans also thought Jerry could be the next commentator at the Olympic Games as he hilariously referred to planes by their country of origin by shouting 'here come the Russians' as an Aeroflot plane appeared and 'go on the Brits' as a British Airways Boeing 777 swayed in the wind.

One penned: "Big Jet TV man is about to have his Jackie Weaver moment. If he plays his cards right, there is a book deal in this for him."

"Looking forward to watching the Big Jet TV man on Strictly," another added.

A third tweeted: "It’s like Danny Dyer took up plane spotting. I’m loving it!"

"Everyone in the uk glued to Big Jet TV to see the planes trying to land at Heathrow Airport in the midst of Storm Eunice is the most British thing ever," a fourth wrote.

Jerry also made an appearance on camera as he donned a Big Jet TV coat with his initials 'JD' on the front while reading out comments from fans.

The producer was left speechless when he read out a comment from optician Specsavers which posted: "We are sending #BigJetTV Heathrow guy a year's supply of lens cloths."

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