Britney Spears hits back at haters who accuse her of not making her own social media posts before modelling clothes in her mansion

BRITNEY Spears has hit back at critics who accused her of not making her own social medial posts.

It comes after some fans claimed she is being controlled under her dad's conservatorship and isn't allowed a mobile phone that has access to the internet.

But the superstar shared a video on Tuesday and insisted she does make her own posts as she told followers: "For those of you who don't think I post my own videos, I did this video yesterday.

"So, you're wrong but I hope you like it."

Britney is then seen strutting along a corridor in her mansion to Rihanna's 2010 song Man Down.

She models a number of colourful dresses and wiggles her hips.

Her video comes after fans launched a Free Britney campaign and she reportedly told a judge her dad forced her to enter a mental unit and take medication against her will.

The Toxic singer claimed father Jamie, 66, did so illegally after she ditched her doctor-prescribed pills.

A judge is now investigating the bombshell allegations and has ordered for the pop star to be evaluated by an expert before any decisions are made about her case

What is a conservatorship?

A conservatorship is when “an adult with a relationship to the individual, perhaps a spouse or other relative, [petitions] a county probate court for control over his or her affairs.”

It’s normally used when an adult “lacks mental capacity” to safely make their own decisions – commonly when someone is suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's disease, or is psychotic or suicidal.

In this case, Britney’s dad Jamie, and her lawyer Andrew Wallett (who quit the position last month) would approve every personal, medical and financial decision she made.

Britney’s dad approves her spending, and any big decisions like getting married and buying houses. He also approves jobs – like taking on tours, Las Vegas residencies and joining shows like US X Factor.

Her claims, backed by mum Lynne, came as she tried to amend a 2008 ruling that lets Jamie run her affairs due to her fragile mental state.

Jamie made her check into a Los Angeles unit for 30 days on April 3 after the star is said to have ditched tablets that keep her stable, claiming they were not working.

She claims she was made to take medication there. But the 2008 ruling — a conservatorship — bars him from putting her in a facility or medicating her without consent.

Lynne, 64, who divorced Jamie in 2002, has taken her daughter’s side.

Mum-of-two Britney is said to have asked a judge to give Lynne a role in the conservatorship. But other sources say she wants it scrapped.

The court said an expert must evaluate her mental state before any decision.

Britney and her dad have always seemed close in the past.

In January, she scrapped a second series of Las Vegas gigs to spend time with Jamie — who she said had been “hospitalised and almost died”.

Fans began a #Free- Britney crusade, alleging he was controlling and made her axe shows for not taking her pills.

She hit back on Instagram last month: “Don’t believe everything you read and hear. I need privacy to deal with all the hard things life is throwing my way.”

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