Black Swan The Masked Singer: Who is it?

THE lineup of costumes on Season 5 of Fox’s The Masked Singer has been revealed and one of the newbies is the Black Swan; a black feathery ensemble with a striking red beak.

The famous face hidden behind the feathers is currently a mystery, which viewers will be able to start unravelling when the latest season starts to air this week.

Who is the Black Swan on The Masked Singer season 5?

The swan wears a short black dress, covered in black feathers. Underneath she wears black patent pants, shiny boots and black gloves. 

There are long black feathers at the back of her costume, while her mask is a midnight black swan head with a bright red beak.

Fox revealed last week that season 5 of the popular, but bizarre, singing show The Masked Singer would start to air on Wednesday, March 10.

The new season will feature 10 contestants, who have been broken into two groups of five competitors.

The costumes have been revealed by Fox in a series of teasers, leading up to the season premiere.

The costumes known so far include the Snail, Seashell, Porcupine, Phoenix, Grandpa Monster, Chameleon, Russian Doll, Black Swan, Raccoon and Piglet.

According to Fox, Black Swan is in Group B along with the Phoenix, Grandpa Monster and Chameleon and Piglet.

Black Swan would therefore make her debut on the second episode of the season.

When is The Masked Singer on TV and how can I watch it? 

The Masked Singer returns to the small screen in the US for its fifth season tomorrow, on March 10.

Viewers can tune in to Fox at 8pm.

Long-time fans may be surprised to see a new face; Niecy Nash would reportedly be serving as guest host for the first few episodes.

She will be filling in for the show’s regular host, Nick Cannon, who tested positive for the coronavirus before production began.

He would return once he had recuperated and recovered from the virus.

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