'Big Little Lies' Cast Starstruck Over, In Awe Of Meryl Streep During Filming

Big Little Lies season 2 premiered last night on HBO and viewers are buzzing about Meryl Streep’s eerily poised and simultaneously unhinged character, Mary Louise, the mother of the deceased (murdered) Perry.

It was wonderful to get the gang back together again after two years. The Montecito Five, as they’re notoriously called, have hardly changed a bit. Madeline is still talking back to anything that talks, Renata is still relishing in her power, Jane is still trying to hold everything together as a cool, young, single mom, and Bonnie… ok, Bonnie’s super messed up.

We learn that the case of Perry’s death is pretty much closed (or so a close source tells Renata), and The Montecito Five are thinking they’ve just about gotten away with it. But two potential problem areas reveal themselves in the first episode of season 2. 1) Bonnie is sinking deeper and deeper into regret/depression, and the women are worried she’ll crack. 2) Mary Louise.

In her first stunning interaction with Madeline, it is made apparent that Mary Louise is here to turn things upside down. She’s mourning the death of her son and she doesn’t care who’s in the way. She tells Madeline that she’s short and untrustworthy, and that she’s “a wanter.” She reads her like a book.

Not only is the dialogue in that scene so good and satisfying, but Meryl Streep does with it what only Meryl Streep can. Lines just sound different–better–coming out of her mouth.

The cast of ‘Big Little Lies’ reacts to acting alongside Meryl Streep

The audience weren’t the only people in awe of Streep’s performance. As it turns out, the cast was starstruck of the acting powerhouse throughout the duration of filming season 2.

Variety recently asked Adam Scott (Ed) about what it was like to work with Streep.  

“It’s incredible. I still can’t believe that I’m on a TV show that Meryl Streep is also on. That’s still weird. It was great. You know, the first time I met her was at the table read and she was so sweet–chatted for just a second and she moved on to talk to someone else and I was sort of standing there and immediately Laura Dern came up to me and she was like ‘I saw the whole thing, you did very well.’ Everyone knows, as an actor, you’re waiting your whole life to meet Meryl Streep, let alone work with Meryl Streep, be on a show with Meryl Streep. So it was as incredible as you would imagine,” he said.   

Variety also recently interviewed Laura Dern (Renata) about filming with Streep. She spoke about what she learned from her.

“What an incredible teammate she is. That her goal is to make all the stories–even if she’s not a part of those stories–resonate and remain honest and relatable. And that is a great lesson and reminder,” she said.

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