'Big Brother 21:' Fans Are Furious About the New Head of Household

The last episode of Big Brother ended with six contestants competing in a Veto competition, and Sam caught the title. He then decided to execute the Power of Veto on his friend Cliff, causing Christie to nominate another person. The outgoing Head of Household ultimately chose Ovi, against alliance member Jack’s demands for her to backdoor Kemi.

On the new episode, host Julie Chen Moonves revealed a Big Brother first: the evicted houseguests will stay in the house and live upstairs in Camp Comeback. Also, the campers compete for Head of Household, and the winner upset several viewers. Why? Keep reading to find out!

Who won the second Head of Household competition?

The campers competed for Head of Household by playing BB Fireworks Quiztacular. They had to watch a series of firework displays and then answer questions about the fireworks’ colors. Whoever gets the question wrong is eliminated, and the houseguest left standing after seven questions will win HoH.

Question 2 eliminated Nick, and then Tommy, Holly, and Kat followed on the third question. The fourth question stumped Analyse, Bella, Kemi, Cliff, and Sam, and the next question was too hard for Nicole and Michie. It came down to Jessica and Jack, and the Gr8ful leader pulled out the win. While his alliance is excited that the power is staying on their side for another week, fans are less than thrilled because they believe Jack is racist.

Why do fans believe Jack is racist?

Initially, viewers accused Michie (first name Jackson) of being racist because he chose to banish the only two African Americans and Hispanic woman the first week as Camp Director. However, people are now also accusing his best friend in the house, Jack, of racism.

Jack became a quick fan-favorite upon entrance in the house due to his resemblance to actor Jason Momoa. But, viewers are turning on him as he as made extremely aggressive remarks for seemingly no reason towards Kemi, the last African American left in the house.

The Big Brother live feeds caught him saying to another houseguest about Kemi, “It’s like, b**** you’re f****** going up and you can play your veto, but I’m gonna f*** you up. God, dude, she gets me so hyped! I f****** hate…” The feed switched before Jack ended his sentence. Fans do not understand his hatred for Kemi, because two of his alliance members, Bella and Christie, are good friends with her.

The only time viewers saw Kemi and Jack interact was before the first nomination ceremony. He and Christie talked to Kemi, and she immediately suggested they pick Ovi. Jack felt like she was already scheming and wanted her out next.

Fans petition for Jack’s expulsion

A fan created a petition on July 1 in an attempt to force production to boot Jack from the house. In the description of the request, the viewer claimed he “said numerous racist things” towards Kemi including “saying he wants to ‘stomp a mudhole through her chest.’” The petition states Jack should be “expelled for Kemi’s safety” and “to show that it’s not okay to be racist in 2019.”

Gaining over 3,000 signatures, the show’s production ended up talking to Jack about his comments, but not expelling him. He claimed people took what he said out of context, but Michie told him to move on from the situation.

To find out what Jack does as Head of Household, continue watching Big Brother Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays at 8 P.M. EST on CBS!

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