Below Deck: Can you apply to work on Below Deck?

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Below Deck is known for its colourful cast of characters, with the reality TV show boasting a new line-up of shipmates every season. Because of this, Bravo is often on the lookout for new sailors to join the team. Any fans of the show that have experience in the yachting world may want to take the chance to apply for themselves.

Can you apply to work on Below Deck?

While Below Deck is a reality TV show, the work done by the crew is taken very seriously, with each and every member of the team carefully chosen.

In fact, for any viewers interested in trying their hand at the show, now is the time. 

Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht are currently looking for the next line-up to join the crew. 

As season seven of Mediterranean is filming now, casting will be for future seasons of the franchise which continues to grow in popularity.

With season six of Mediterranean airing now and the main series set to drop season nine on October 26, now is the perfect time to apply.

To apply, applicants must go to, which has all the details on how to be considered for the show.

The process is rather simple, with the standard information including name, birthday, country of origin, and career experience required.

Applicants will also need to fill out a short description of themselves and why they are considering joining the show. 

CVs and passport information is also required, along with a short video introduction for the team.

This is done so applicants can show off their personalities to the team before the interview process begins.

The entire application process would take no more than an hour if all information is prepared to upload beforehand.

However, applicants should be advised that the production team is looking for people with the correct experience and credentials.

They cannot just bring on board people they believe will make for the best TV, so the show does require the crew to know what they are doing while setting sail.

Speaking to Vanity Fair, Below Deck Producer Courtland Cox went into detail on how the crew is chosen.

Cox explained: “You can’t just find people who are fun and funny and interesting.

“You have to find people who have the credentials and training to even be legal.”

Not only does the crew need to know what they are doing, but they are also charged with the safety of the charter guests.

Therefore, it is absolutely essential for the production team and all on board that everyone involved has the correct level of experience.

The show does showcase a working yachting team, actively trying to maintain order and a smooth journey.

While things regularly go wrong on the show, viewers can rest assured that everyone on deck knows what they are doing.

Below Deck Mediterranean season 6 is currently airing on Bravo and Peacock in the USA.

Below Deck season nine will premiere on October 26 on Bravo and Peacock in the USA.

UK release dates are yet to be confirmed.

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