BBC The One Show viewers brand Jamie Oliver as ‘patronising’

Jamie Oliver slammed for 'patronising' 'cheap' meal cooking

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The celebrity chef, 47, combined Cumberland sausage, red wine, parmesan cheese, garlic, fennel seeds and fresh lasagne sheets to make the sausage and minestrone soup. Promoting his “simple one-pan wonders” in his new book, Jamie said the meal would cost no more than £1.45 per person.

Speaking on the BBC programme, the chef said: “In this book I’ve used supermarket ingredients…never more than eight ingredients and for now when people are talking about cost of living and stuff like that, most of the recipes are in pans on hobs. So a hob is about four times cheaper than an oven.”

He added: “10 minutes of cooking that’s about 10p, actually slightly less, in energy. And this dish with no tweaks is £1.45 per portion.”

But viewers were unhappy with the segment, Birmingham Live reports.

One tweeted: “£1.45 a portion?Do u know how much parmesan cheese is!!#TheOneShow”

Another said: “Nothing like a millionaire Jamie Oliver teaching us how to cook for a pound #TheOneShow.”

A third posted: “So he’s trying to flog a book by using the cost of living crisis, telling us we need the book because most of the recipes are hob based and therefore cheaper to cook. Without realising no one is going to want to spend money on a bloody recipe book #TheOneShow.”

One viewer posted: “Don’t really think [sic] the public wants to hear the rich p**** jamie oliver educating on how to make meals on a budget. can you buy a ‘portion’ of an ingredient, jamie? no #TheOneShow.” 

Another shared: “Book costs £20 to show you how to make a £1 dinner. What’s the point eh when you’re in a food bank eh? Fresh veg and fruit non existent. Now red wine? F*** me Jamie I ain’t got red pop!! #TheOneShow.”

Jamie, from Clavering Essex, lost weight this year by actually “eating more” than he used to.

Speaking last month, the star said: “I pushed meat down, pushed veggie up, got more sleep and more movement.

“I lost 12 kilos (two stone) quite quickly and I didn’t do it through not eating. I ate a lot, more than I used to!”

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