BBC Breakfast fans certain Louise Minchin set for Strictly Come Dancing

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BBC Breakfast fans are certain a very familiar face could be turning up the glitz and glamour to take part in Strictly Come Dancing 2021.

Fans spotted a major clue that the programme's very own Louise Minchin could be set to take to the Strictly stage, as she and Jon Kay prepared to announce the seventh contestant live on-air.

This year's celebs have been teased across various programmes over the last week, with the first trio of contestants shared on The One Show on Wednesday.

Teasingly, Louise's co-host Jon announced on Tuesday: "At 8:30 we're going to be revealing who's in the next series of Strictly, a contestant will be revealed here."

He added: "Several people have been in touch this morning saying 'Louise?' Is that where Louise is going in September?"

Louise couldn't help but giggle at the guess, as she said: "Ahh. Shall we just move on?"

But Jon wasn't letting her off that easily, as he pressed: "Are you not gonna confirm or deny this?"

"I'm not gonna say anything, I'm gonna say it's 21 minutes past seven!" Louise insisted.

Jon teased: "Ooh, okay! In an hour's time, you'll find out here!"

But the move left fans even more certain that Louise could be exchanging the red sofa for the dance floor, as they flocked to Twitter in droves to share their theories.

One posted: "Is it Louise? She's struggling to keep a straight face every time Jon mentions it."

Someone else followed up: "@BBCBreakfast that was so funny! Louise is so doing #StrictlyComeDancing!", as another simply posted Louise's name next to a dancing woman emoji.

"I am guessing it will be Louise Minchin! There is always someone from BBC Breakfast and she is leaving the red sofa very shortly…" someone else guessed.

Other fans were certain it could be BBC Breakfast's Dan Walker – who was absent from the sofa on Tuesday – swapping his usual Breakfast attire for a pair of dancing shoes.

"It seems like the BBC really want to push Dan Walker so it would make sense being him," someone theorised. "However, they have already announced four men compared to two women so perhaps it is another female contestant?"

"Would be amazing if it's Dan or Louise!" another social media user typed. "Would absolutely love to see them on the Strictly dancefloor!"

Another posted: "It's either Dan, Louise or Sally [Nugent]!"

And the fan theories don't exactly come out of nowhere – earlier this summer, Louise confirmed that her family had lifted the "lifelong ban" on her appearing on Strictly.

Speaking to weather presenter Carol Kirkwood, Louise admitted: "The other day on Breakfast Dan mentioned it and I said the line that I’ve said for many years that I’m on a ‘lifetime ban’ from my family.

"And my husband texts me and he goes, ‘Ban lifted’."

Carol couldn't contain her excitement, as she chimed in: "Is this breaking news?"

"It’s really not!" Louise giggled at the time.

Her comments came in a new Her Spirit podcast interview with the BBC weather presenter, as Carol insisted: "You would be brilliant, you’ve got rhythm and viewers would love you because they do already. And you’re competitive in a healthy way."

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