Bachelorette fans 'grossed out' after Katie Thurston VOMITS during group date over rumors Hunter Montgomery is a 'liar'

FANS of The Bachelorette were “grossed out” after Katie Thurston VOMITED during a group date.

The 30-year-old became sick over rumors that Hunter Montgomery is a “liar.”

During Monday’s episode of The Bachelorette, Katie was confronted by the contestants over Hunter’s tendency to “lie.”

After defending the contestant to the other men, Katie became so upset that she ran to the bathroom and vomited.

Shortly after the moment played out on screen, fans rushed to Twitter to admit hearing Katie throw up made them uncomfortable.

One person wrote: “i did NOT ask to hear katie’s barf noises.”

Others slammed Hunter, as one person commented: “Imagine wasting your vomit on Hunter.”

A following person added: “Don’t worry Katie, Hunter also makes me want to vomit.”

An additional person wrote: “Hunter literally made Katie throw up. Get this man off my tv screen.”

Some fans tried to empathize with Katie, with one Twitter user writing: “Katie, I also puke when I drink a lil too much wine sis.”

Hunter, 35, is a TikTok star who has been competing for Katie's heart on this season of The Bachelorette.


Last week, The Bachelorette fans slammed the show for "hiding" Hunter’s Tourette's syndrome to make him the new "villain" after Thomas Jacobs' elimination.

As fans watched Hunter stir up drama with the other contestants,  Katie took to Twitter to defend Hunter as she claimed the star has "Tourettes."

"Remember you only get to see a portion of who these men are. For example, you probably didn’t know Hunter has #Tourettes."

She continued: "So I encourage everyone to think twice before commenting negative things about these men. #TheBachelorette."

Fans were shocked, as they slammed the Bachelor franchise for disregarding Hunter's disability and portraying him as a new "villain."

"If production was aware of this- maybe they shouldn’t have given him the edit they did," one reasoned.

A second wrote: "Agreed. I’ve noticed that they included his sinus snorting a lot when it didn’t seem necessary as if they wanted to make it seem like he just has a gross habit.

"If that’s one of his tics, producers should’ve been more respectful by not emphasizing it at all or w/o explanation."

"Hunter hadn't won me over or anything but the way he was edited and frankenbitten last night was shameless," a third complained.

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