Awkward moment This Morning's Dermot O'Leary is left red-faced after asking Alison Hammond how she styles her fake hair

THIS Morning's Dermot O'Leary suffered an awkward moment when he asked his co-host Alison Hammond how she styles her fake hair.

Today's show featured a segment on "curl power", teaching women how to embrace their wavy hair.

But Dermot was left red-faced when he tried to strike up a conversation with Alison about her curly locks – and was firmly put in his place.

He said: "You have lovely curls."What do you with them?"

Baffled Alison replied: "What do you mean, 'what do I do with them'?

"It's fake hair."

After being stopped in his tracks, Dermot said: "Oh, well it's sensational.

"I thought you just had a different style each day."

Alison burst out laughing that Dermot had no clue she wore a hair piece.

"This is my protective hairstyle," she explained.

"When I want to protect my hair for a while I braid my hair underneath and then attach my hair underneath.

"It's not my real hair, it's synthetic."

Trying to smooth over the awkward gaffe, Dermot said: "Incredible. You learn something new every day."

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