Aston Merrygold shocks fans as JLS star reveals dramatic body transformation after just 12 weeks

ASTON Merrygold unveiled his body transformation today and said staying in shape has helped boost his confidence.

The JLS singer, 33, took to Instagram to share his journey of eating and training for 12 weeks and the satisfying results.

He also talked about the impact of trolls and working in the entertainment industry from a young age.

He captioned the before and after snap: "A few months ago I had got myself in the worst shape I’ve EVER been in!

"Confidence was low, I felt sluggish, tired, useless and was unhappy ever time I looked in a mirror… and the worst part was I had severe ligament damage to my shoulder which left me in daily pain!

"It was easy to let excuse after excuse stop me from changing it… but one morning I woke up and just HAD to change it!

"I started a 12 week programme which I’ve been going hard for 6 weeks.. Eating clean and training as hard as I can (shoulder is still ropey, but we move) and I’m feeling strong, more confident and happier within myself than I have in years!

"I rarely show any side other than confidence being someone that came into the entertainment industry at a young age… having thick skin was always easy for me..

"But looking at my kids on a daily basis and getting to the point I was struggling to even lift them was killing me!!!

"So I made a promise to myself I will NEVER let that happen!

"I’m focused and waking up everyday thankful, blessed and wanting to be a better version of myself than the day before!

"So big up everybody that is hustling, working, fighting and striving to be better 🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️"

The singer previously talked about the "harmful comments" left on posts he shares about his family.

Aston is dad to Grayson, three, and baby son Macaulay, with his partner Sarah Louise Richards.

Aston told Netmums Sweat, Snot & Tears podcast: "We like to share posts of our family, especially during lockdown when you don’t see friends and family very often.

"When harmful comments are written under his pictures, firstly, it’s not his Instagram, it’s our Instagram account.

"So, I know that those racist comments are really meant for me, not Grayson. Only an absolute moron would think a three-year-old has his own Instagram account."

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