Antiques Roadshow guest refuses to sell Korean cabinet after expert’s huge valuation

Antiques Roadshow: Korean bureau valued at over £5000

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BBC audiences were transported to the colourful surroundings of Morden Hall Park, less than 10 miles from Buckingham Palace, where people had gathered to find out the value of their most precious possessions. In a repeat episode, Antique Roadshow expert Lars Tharp was stunned by a “transforming” Korean cabinet which had been brought in to be assessed. The piece of furniture was praised for its “fantastic metalwork” and usefulness. The owner of the cabinet and his family watched intensely as the ceramics historian gave viewers a detailed analysis. 

Lars began: “This piece transforms to look like a piece of early art deco.

“I would actually date it to somewhere in the ’20s or ’30s.”

The object had been left wide open to show onlookers the drawers which hid inside.

The furniture was praised for the amount of storage it held without appearing cumbersome as Lars added: “My goodness, the word is ‘transforms!’”

In reference to the cabinet’s stature, the TV expert said: “This is like a furniture Transformer.”

The man chuckled at Lars and agreed: “Yes! very good. Of course, it is.”

Lars, in complete disbelief of the cabinet, continued: “This is absolutely wonderful.”

“Thank you,” the owner replied as Lars inspected the item more closely.

Looking at the functionality of the object, the expert remarked: “The quality of the metalwork is fantastic and it’s a really useful object.

“It’s a difficult thing to put a value on because it’s going to appeal to a collector of Korean furniture.

“But it will also appeal as a purely highly decorative and functional object so that really does up the ante.” 

While it was clear Lars loved the item, the gentleman wasn’t prepared to hear his valuation.

Lars announced: “I would have thought somewhere between £5,000 and £10,000.”

Stunned by the valuation, the owner went on to explain what he planned to do with the cabinet. 

He revealed: “Okay, I mean it’s never going to be sold,” adding it was “something that is in the family.” 

Turning around to face his daughters, the man then said: “One of these days, one of these lucky ladies will be inheriting it.”

The owner went on to joke they would “get the joys of polishing.”

Later on in the episode, jewellery specialist Joanna Hardy was dazzled by a diamond-studded replica of a brooch originally designed for Wallis Simpson.

Alexandra Gill also admired a painting by renowned Cuban artist René Portocarrero.

And, expert Hilary Kay delivered a show-stopping valuation when she appraised a remarkable self-portrait by John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

Antiques Roadshow airs Sundays at 8pm on BBC Two.

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