Anthony Anderson’s Powerful Emmy Speech: “Black Stories, Black Performance And Black Lives Matter”

“We have a record number of Black Emmy nominees this year, which is great,” black-ish star Anthony Anderson began as he presented at the 2020 Emmys. “These Emmys would have been the NBA All-Star weekend and Wakanda all wrapped into one.”

“This was supposed to be the Blackest Emmys ever. Y’all wouldn’t be able to handle how Black it was going to be,” said Anderson, “but because of COVID, we can’t even get in the damn building!”

“These Emmys would have been so Black it would have been like hot sauce in your purse Black,” he continued. “It would have been Howard University homecoming Black. It would have been ‘you fit the description’ Black.”

“But, you know what? I’m still rooting for everybody Black, because Black stories, Black performance and Black lives matter,” Anderson said.

He then led host Jimmy Kimmel in a Black Lives Matter chant.

“Say it with me, Jimmy. Louder, Jimmy. Say it so that my kids could hear it,” Anderson said. “Because Black lives matter, Black people will stay at home tonight to be safe which is fine, because guess what, because y’all don’t know how to light us anyway.”

Watch it below.

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