Alaskan Bush People's Bear boasts 'things are getting better' as he meets son for first time

ALASKAN Bush People's Bear Brown has said "things are getting better" after meeting son River for the first time.

The reality star, 32, shared a picture of a rainbow just days after his ex, Raiven, travelled from Texas to Washington with their six-month-old baby.

Bear captioned the shot: "Things are getting better, getting better everyday!"

Bear had been involved in a nasty custody battle with his ex-fiancee Raiven Adams, 22, since the birth of their son River in March. 

But the two called a truce, as Raiven agreed to fly from Texas to Washington so River could meet his father and the Brown family. 

Raiven posted a photo of her son smiling earlier this week while holding a bear that read: “From dad to son. Much love!!!”

The photo came after Bear revealed in an Instagram video that he was an hour away from meeting his son for the first time.

He said in the video: "I am on my way to hold my son for the first time. I could not be more excited, this will be so, so, so awesome.

"I’m on my way right now and within a matter of an hour, I could be holding my son."

A source close to Raiven exclusively told The Sun that the father and son have met. 

The insider continued: “We are hopeful this is a start to a new beginning and he can be an active part of River’s life. They both deserve that. 

“We have no doubt Raiven will do what’s in the best interest for River because she’s a selfless mother and he always comes first. 

“We are extremely proud of her!”

Bear – who has been in Washington state helping to contain the Palmer Fire, which has destroyed his family’s $1.6 million property – and Raiven got engaged in 2019 after only months of dating. 

Soon after they called off the wedding, she revealed she was pregnant. 

Then in February, Raiven filed for a restraining order request against Bear, accusing him of “erratic” and “abusive” behavior. 

She dropped the request days before she gave birth to their son.

Bear was not there for the birth and did not see River in a NICU, where he remained for weeks because he was born premature. 

Bear then filed for joint custody of River in March.

Raiven responded by requesting he receive “restricted visitation” with their son.

As The Sun previously reported, Bear and Raiven reached a custody agreement in June after months of fighting.

Raiven filed a proposed child support order on September 15.

Bear was ordered by the court to provide financial information in August.

After a brief social media break, Raiven revealed she is on good terms with Bear by captioning a photo with her son: “For everyone asking! No Bear has not met River that has to do with a lot of things! Not because I won’t let him and not because he doesn’t want to come. 

“We’ve spent the past two months focusing on co parenting! Which is a huge reason I took a break for a bit! Now we previously discussed traveling to him but River was still so small and it was dangerous for him to travel so young! Now with covid it’s still dangerous but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an end for now! 

“And It’s been 6 months and that’s clearly far too long. So I have offered to bring River to him so he can start bonding with him and his other family! Please don’t assume things when you do not know! We will never make sense to any of you haha. Life is not always easy and we are doing the best we can! 

“We are in a very good place and you may not understand everything we do but that’s okay! We will be traveling in the next week and the boys will get to spend some time together! 

“River and I will be staying for a while so he can really get to spend some quality time with his family. And taking all precautions we can to travel safely!”

Bear also praised his baby mama, as he posted a photo of Raiven and River: "Hey everybody I have some awesome news! Raiven is bringing little River up for a visit!

"It’ll be the first time I’ve gotten to see him in person, but we have been talking a lot over the phone! It’s gonna be so cool to be able to hold him!”

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