Aidan Turner details ‘silly’ tattoo cut out of infamous Poldark scene

Aidan Turner goes TOPLESS in Poldark mining scene

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The 39-year-old played the role of the British Army officer Poldark for four years as fans watched the redcoat build a new life in Cornwall after fighting in the American Revolutionary War. Notoriously known for being topless in the BBC show, actor Aidan Turner touches on a tattoo that fans didn’t get to see.

During the time that Poldark was being aired, a behind-the-scenes photo of the actor shirtless in a field reaping crops caught the attention of many fans.

Showing off his ripped physique while wielding a scythe, the actor revealed that despite it looking as though he’s alone, that isn’t actually the case.

Speaking to Radio Times, the 39-year-old revealed that the first thing he thinks of when seeing that particular image is that his make-up artist, Jacquie Fowler, had been airbrushed out.

He then revealed that she had been covering a tattoo while the candid behind-the-scenes photo was taken.

When asked what the tattoo is of, he said: “Oh! A small, silly symbol I got on holiday about 25 years ago.

“It’s been lasered off now.” 

Aidan got the tiny tattoo while on a holiday with his friends in Tenerife.

With many people taken aback by his muscular body, the actor revealed that as his character was an active guy, it felt right to get into that mindset himself.

Touching on his preparation to star as Poldark, he said: He said: “Given Ross Poldark was a very active guy, and the sort of diet he’d be on, it just felt right to get myself into that.

“He’s a farmer, he’s working, he’s riding a horse all the time, he’s a soldier.

 “So it made sense to be in shape, but it wasn’t something I focused on. 

“And the shot, that was a behind-the-scenes photograph. It wasn’t a publicity photo.” 

Despite the snap not meaning to be a publicity image, the sight of Aidan farming did spark a lot of interest in the show.

During the time it was circulating online, there was some debate surrounding objectification which the actor still reflects on.

He told RadioTimes that although he’s unsure whether or not the situation would have been handled the same if the photo were of a young woman, he doesn’t feel objectified.

Although people may be used to seeing Aidan as Poldark, the actor is starring in a new ITV thriller called The Suspect.

A synopsis for the series reads that Aidan’s character, Doctor Joe O’Loughlin, “appears to have a perfect life with a devoted wife, loving daughter, successful practice as a criminal psychologist, media profile and publishing deal.

“When a young woman is found dead, he is only too willing to offer help with his profiling and expertise. 

“But as the investigation into the woman’s death gathers pace, we start to ask, do we know the real Joe, or does he have a secret life?”

The Suspect airs on Monday, August 29 on ITV at 9pm

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