Adam Henson’s co-star breaks down in tears over near-death farming mishap

Our Family Farm Rescue: Farmer emotional recalling accident

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The latest instalment of Our Family Farm Rescue with Adam Henson saw the Channel 5 presenter meeting with farmers Iwan Pughe Jones and Katrina Wheat at Penygraig Farm in Wales. The couple, who run a traditional sheep and cattle farm, were struggling financially due to the fluctuating market prices. The farmers called in Adam in the hopes he could turn their farm around and stop them from going out of business. However, during one segment, Katrina got emotional as she detailed the moment she almost died on the farm to the Countryfile host.

She explained to Adam that she used to be heavily involved with the running of the farm.

However, over the past year, she has had to take a step back due to a freak accident in the barn.

“I was there feeding the cattle in the trough,” Katrina recalled. “I turned around to walk away and there was a blow to the left side of my face.

“Sorry,” Katrina apologised as she tried to hold back the tears. “I still get a bit…”

As she tried to pull herself together, the farmer continued: “There was a blow to the left side of my face.

“A hell of a crack and a flash of light. I came too and I was under three bales, and they weigh two tonnes each.

“What saved my life is a very low wall next to me. The bottom bale had rested on that and that is what saved my life.

“If they had come down on me. I wouldn’t be here today.”

Katrina went on to explain to the Channel 5 host that she was trapped in the barn for over an hour on her own.

“Initially I was shouting,” she added. “And then I burst into tears.

“And then I thought, ‘Okay you know what Iwan is doing, you know what jobs he’s doing’.”

Before Katrina could finish her sentence, she was overcome with emotion and tears filled her eyes again.


“Sorry,” she said as she continued: “You know at some point he’s going to come to this shed.”

However, Iwan didn’t find his wife until later on that day.

“I heard the bike start and it went away from me,” she remembered. “And at that point, I thought that was it, I thought I was a goner.

“Eventually I heard the bike returning and I could hear the panic in his voice because all he could see was my feet and I wasn’t moving.

“I made him stay with me. I was so scared. I am just thankful to be here.”


Later on in the episode, things didn’t get better for Katrina after she told Adam she needed surgery.

She explained she had a trip to A&E after she lost the feeling in her left leg.

“Sorry, I am getting upset now,” she admitted. “So, I am just so frustrated because it’s so out of our hands.”

Despite the setbacks the couple faced, it all came together in the end, and they managed to open a successful glamping business with Adam’s help.

Our Family Farm Rescue with Adam Henson returns on Tuesday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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