ACGAS’s 2022 Christmas special sees Mrs Hall on the ‘back foot’

All Creatures Great and Small: Shenton shares ‘insight’

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Set in 1939, it is the start of the Second World War and the residents of Darrowby are beginning to feel its impact. Nevertheless, more than ever, those in All Creatures Great and Small are determined to make it a Christmas for all to remember in light of a changing world. But Mrs Hall (played by Anna Madeley) will be thrown into a predicament of her own in this upcoming festive special on Channel 5.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from All Creatures Great and Small.

In the ACGAS Christmas special, Mrs Hall will bump into Gerald (Will Thorp) at the market, who she has had a crush on for the past few series.

However, their meeting isn’t a happy one as Gerald informs her that he is moving to Hull for work.

She is taken aback by this information and so to ensure she sees him again before he goes, Mrs Hall invites him to a party at Skeldale House which hadn’t been organised.

The rest of the house helps her at the last minute to put on this gathering but will Gerald show up and if so, is Mrs Hall going to admit her feelings at last?

Leading up to the party, Mrs Hall is clearly anxious about the prospect of the party and the potential arrival of Gerald.

This doesn’t go unnoticed by her friends and housemates who aren’t used to being around a nervous Mrs Hall.

So James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) and Tristan Farnon (Callum Woodhouse) take it upon themselves to start poking fun at her.  

Talking to and other press, actress Anna Madeley explained the build-up to her unusual behaviour.

“It’s one of these actions of the heart, I think suddenly, you’re in a moment of saying, ‘Oh that’s it then. When will I see you again? I don’t know.’,” Madeley said.

“She’s been through war but it’s a real shock to the system and I think for the young guys it’s quite funny seeing her get into a bit of a flap about it.

“She’s normally the one who’s organised about these things but I don’t think they’ve seen her [that way]. They do tease her and it’s really sweet.”

Ralph went on to agree with Madeley, laughing at the thought of Mrs Hall and her last-minute party.

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He added: “Mrs Hall is the centre of this house, holding everything together, the one you look to if you have any questions or want to know what’s going on.

“And when you see her on the back foot which is so rare, you can’t help but tease her a little and have a bit of fun with it.”

Fans are just going to have to wait for the Christmas episode to air to find out how the party turns out for Skeldale House’s housekeeper.

Thankfully, this won’t spell the beginning of the end of the popular period drama.

ACGAS returned for season three in September 2022 with a total of 10 episodes on Channel 5.

There will be plenty more to come as the show has already been renewed for a fourth outing.

As of yet, no official release date has been confirmed but it is thought ACGAS will be back in late 2023.

All Creatures Great and Small’s Christmas special airs on Friday, December 23, at 9pm on Channel 5.

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