Abby Lee Miller Apologizes After Former Dance Moms Star Said the Choreographer Is 'Racist'

In a private Facebook post shared with E! News, former Dance Moms producer Kori Kingg reacted to Smith's post.

"Some would say I should be quiet about this. But THIS THIS!?! THIS broke me as I was working on show and pregnant with my own black daughter. In hindsight, I too should have left. I should have stood with my sister, Adriana Janae Smith and supported gorgeous baby Kam and left too," she reportedly wrote. "Seeing a 7-year-old little black girl be put in a box in a corner and treated so violently because of the color of her skin was heartbreaking. It reminded me of when I ‘found out I was black' at an age not much older than her."

Another Dance Moms mom is also speaking out about her experience with Miller.

"[Abby] tried to spin Camryn as being the poor one and there on scholarship," Camille Bridges — whose daughter Camryn Bridges appeared in a couple of episodes of the seventh season — told E! News. "I shut that down immediately. She loves appropriating our culture and never appreciating it.  She did not give black choreographers on the show acknowledgment of their work. She continuously put Camryn in afros."

"We were so relieved when she was gone especially when we thought she wasn't coming back," Bridges reportedly said. "When she returned, I looked at Camryn and told her we're leaving. I didn't care anymore about the ‘platform.' I was done. The woman is a mess. She is incredibly two-faced. She would say the most terrible things on camera, then tell Camryn how she was better than the girls on the team, mainly the ones she trained. It was a traumatic experience that I wish on no one."

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