Aaron kicks Robert out after fierce row in Emmerdale

The marriage of Robert Sugden (Ryan Hawley) and Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) has tonight reached crisis point as Aaron forced Robert to choose between him and his vendetta against Victoria Barton’s (Isabel Hodgins) rapist Lee in Emmerdale. Understandably, Robert is filled with hatred towards Lee but he is playing right into his hands by reacting aggressively to his blatant attempts to wind him up.

Aaron has attempted to support Robert in his quest to expose Lee’s true colours and get justice for Victoria but as it has become more and more clear that things are getting out of hand, Aaron was forced to give Robert a reality check. As Lee again turned up to cause mayhem, he made vile commentsabout Victoria and Robert launched himself towards him in public, with Aaron stepping in to stop him.

Aaron lost his patience and told Robert that this had to stop before some real damage was done – and he then added that it was him or Lee, which bit a nerve with Robert and seemingly gave him enough food for thought to re-evaluate everything.

As Robert accepted that Victoria and Diane were moving away and it was for the best, Aaron was proud of him and Robert admitted that he had been too consumed by Lee. However, later on, when things accelerated again, Aaron and Robert had another row as it was obvious it wasn’t as easy for Robert to let things go as he thought. After all, Lee is the man who raped his younger sister and now he is gloating about it.

However, it is impacting his marriage to Aaron and as Aaron let rip at Robert for doing nothing but constantly lying and apologising, fans really felt it when Aaron reminded Robert that when they got married, the idea was for themto settle down, be happy and have a family.

With their marriage on the brink of disaster ahead of Robert’s exit, Aaron told him to get out until he could learn to put him first and Robert wordlessly left. And given he will soon end up in a deadly and potentially final fight with the deplorable Lee, this looks like it’s a long way from over.

Will Robert end up losing everything after pushing Aaron away for good?

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