A History of the Friendship Between Disney Channel Stars Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, and Selena Gomez

A decade ago, there were three teenage girls at the center of the Disney Channel dynasty: Hannah Montana star Miley Cyrus, The Wizards of Waverly Place actress Selena Gomez, and Sonny With A Chance lead Demi Lovato. All three were multi-talented performers with brown hair and strong vocal chops. And all were bound to the Mouse — at least, for a time.

Now, all three have broken free and gone their own directions. Selena has had health issues, a very public romance with Justin Bieber, and held the crown of most-followed person on Instagram. Lovato has struggled with addiction, had her own celebrity relationship end in front of the world, and become an outspoken advocate for mental health. And Cyrus has reinvented herself time and time again, now finding a balance somewhere between her “Wrecking Ball”-era self and country girl roots. Here’s a look back at how they’ve stayed friends.

Gomez and Lovato’s relationship has gone through ups and downs

Lovato and Gomez go back even further than the Disney Channel: The two met when they starred on the PBS series Barney & Friends back in the ‘90s. And when they were both on the Disney Channel, we saw them together a lot — they even starred in a DCOM together.

But things went downhill in the later years. Lovato got help for her addition in her early 20s, and Gomez began to spend more time with Taylor Swift. After Lovato got clean, things were better between the two, but they still didn’t seem as close. Following Lovato’s relapse and subsequent recovery in 2018, we’ve yet to really see them interact.

Cyrus has stayed on the outside of things for the most part

Throughout all of this, Cyrus didn’t appear to have a stake in the whole feud (or lack thereof). Lovato has said that Cyrus was very supportive of her during her initial recovery back in 2010. As for Cyrus and Gomez, there isn’t much to say about their friendship, other than that both briefly dated Nick Jonas during their Disney days.

But Cyrus and Lovato have stayed sort of close. In fact, last year, they both attended the Women’s March in DC, where they posed together. They’re probably not hanging out every day, but they’re at least acquaintances.

This throwback video united the three on social media

Cyrus has learned from her past mistakes over the last couple of years. She used to constantly change up her image and become all one thing: A hippie, a rebel, a girly girl. But now she’s embraced the multi-faceted and changing person that she is, which has certainly helped when it comes to the public’s love of nostalgia.

A few weeks back, Cyrus posted a video of herself performing her song “7 Things,” during which she puts an arm around Gomez and they sing together. Both Gomez and Lovato responded to it on Instagram, with Gomez calling her and her old friend “such babies” and Lovato calling their moment “iconic.”

Cyrus uses her old friends to play on a recent meme

Cyrus continues to ride that nostalgia train. On May 25, 2019, she shared a clip of herself performing at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend in England. She’s shaking her hips to a drum beat, and she captioned the post “I love you Selena but I listen to Demi,” tagging her Disney Channel buds.

The caption is a joke, but only Cyrus’ most dedicated fans will know it. It’s a play on lyrics from the pop star’s new song “Cattitude,” which has only been heard by those at the festival and those who saw the leaked video of it. In the song, Cyrus sings, “I love you Nicki but I listen to Cardi,” referring to the feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

Does this mean that Cyrus is on Team Demi, and that she and Gomez are on the outs again? Who knows, but we do know where Cyrus stands.

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