13 Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Marlon's heart attack and Paddy's dangerous blunder

THERE’S bad news for the Dingles next week in Emmerdale as Marlon is set to suffer a heart attack after the police rock up at his house.

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week on the ITV soap…

Andrea records Kim’s confession

Andrea takes drastic measures to drop Kim in it for conspiring to murder Graham.

She sets up a camera to trap her into confessing everything.

But is it that simple to get one over the Queen of Home Farm?

Jamie leaves Home Farm

Following Andrea’s orders to pick either Kim or his daughter, Jamie returns to Home Farm and berates his mum for her behaviour before telling her to stay away from his family.

Andrea is delighted and hopes she might have a future with Jamie.

Marlon struggles to cope

Marlon struggles to readjust to life outside of prison and continues to battle anxiety.

The chef panics when the police knock on his door and convinces himself they’re going to take him back to prison.

Marlon is rushed to hospital

Paddy later takes Marlon for a ride to try and help him relax.

But when Marlon gets a stabbing pain in his arm, Paddy worries he’s having a heart attack and rushes him to hospital.

Paddy makes a dangerous blunder

In all the excitement, Paddy completely forgets about Baby Eve in the car seat and rushes into the hospital after Marlon.

When he realises what he’s done he runs back to the car.

But he’s horrified to see that Baby Eve is missing.

Arthur starts abusing Archie again

An exhausted Laurel makes Arthur apologise to Nicola for the trouble he’s caused.

Arthur does as he's told but it's not before his old feelings for Archie resurface and he starts picking on him again.

What's he going to do to Archie this time?

Malone targets Billy

DI Malone continues his reign of terror over the men of the village and drafts Billy into the mix to do a dodgy task.

Malone tosses Cain and Billy the keys for a transport job.

Later, Cain deposits Malone's car in the scrapyard as they've been told to.

But when the pair find a blood stain in the boot, they hatch a plan to seal Malone's downfall once and for all.

But what are they planning and will it work?

Belle’s hurt

Belle’s wounded when she sees Andrea and Jamie back together.

She sets her sight on Ellis instead, and suggests they spend the night together.

But will he see through her?

The Dingles kick Vinny out

When the Dingles convince themselves that Vinny has pawned Sam’s ring, they order him out of the house.

But will a revelation from Vinny stop them in their tracks?

Vanessa makes her last will and testament

As Vanessa’s treatment approaches, she’s determined to complete a final day at work before heading into hospital.

But disaster strikes when she’s gripped by abdominal pain.

The next day, her sister Tracy is horrified when Vanessa tells her she’s already prepared a last will and testament.

Vanessa asks Tracy not to tell Charity in case the news upsets her.

Brenda is onto Mandy

Nosy Brenda is suspicious that Mandy has stolen money.

But is she going to confront her?

Victoria asks Moira to be godmother

Moira is delighted when Victoria asks her to be Harry’s godfather.

Vic acknowledges that Moira helped support her after her rape ordeal, and can think of no other person to give the responsibility to.

Moira is thrilled to be given the responsibility and immediately accepts.

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