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EASTENDERS' Tiffany Butcher comes up with a bold plan to help get her and fiance Keegan quickly up the aisle – but will it work?

The lovebirds, who started dating earlier this year, prepare to get their wedding plans well underway after deciding to take their relationship to the next level. Here’s the full tea from Walford next week…

Keegan sees red

After Dotty’s plan to sabotage Keegan’s business, Tiff demands she puts things right but the rebellious Cotton is having none of it.

And as tensions rise, Sonia is forced to intervene.

Meanwhile, across the Square and desperate for work, Keegan asks Ian for a job but when the restaurant owner winds Keegan up, the teen sees red and lashes out.

Linda crosses Shirley

Tina gets a shock at the school gates when she spots Shelley, the woman that Shirley punched.

Tina urges Linda to confront Shelley about what happened with Ollie but keen to keep the school mum onside, Linda plans another night out at the E20.

However, Linda panics when she realises Shirley’s going to be there and begs Tina for help.

But despite Tina’s efforts, Shirley arrives at the E20 to Linda’s horror.

Shirley comes face to face with Shelley and doesn’t hold back but isn’t prepared for Linda’s reaction.

Lisa’s worries about Mel grow

Despite Louise turning down her offer to have a party, Mel is determined to celebrate her birthday.

Mel mentions it to Keanu before revealing the move to Portugal is back on, leading him to confront Louise's mum Lisa who drops a bombshell.

Meanwhile, learning about the grand gesture Mel makes for Louise’s birthday, Sharon tries to seed doubts in Lisa’s mind.

Later at The Vic a fed up Sharon confronts Mel but is shocked to see how determined the grieving mum is for revenge.

Tiffany makes wedding plans

Keegan is stunned when Tiffany suggests they elope.

Tiffany comes up with an idea how she and Keegan can wed quickly – by getting married in Scotland.

Keegan's sisters Bernadette and Bailey are thrilled when they hear their plan and promise to help.

Louise double crosses Tiff

Tiffany can’t contain her excitement when she learns the registry office has a cancellation for that day and she and Keegan start planning to flee.

As the loved-up pair make final preparations, Tiffany spots Louise on the market and the pregnant teen is left smarting after a frosty exchange.

With the clock ticking, Bernadette arrives and after some close calls, they all set off.

Meanwhile, Louise spots Karen in the café and enjoys exposing Keegan and Tiffany’s plan.

Stunned, Karen springs into action with Chantelle, Mitch, Jack, Whitney and Sonia all racing to stop the wedding.

Mel lets Keanu know who’s in charge

Mel hints that she knows Keanu’s secret forcing him to hide his panic in front of Louise and Lisa.

Ben gives Sharon some news

Ben urges Mel to stop hassling Sharon but he’s intrigued when she mentions a Mitchell family secret.

Jay’s plan for revenge continues

It’s the day of Terry’s funeral and Lola desperately tries to make Jay see sense, but despite her pleas to help stop him, Ben takes matters into his own hands.

Jay decides it’s time to step back from Coker’s and Ben seizes the opportunity to help Callum earn more money – by taking Jay’s job.

Ben reveals his idea but doesn’t get the reaction he expected from Callum

Tiff and Keegan run away

It’s a race against the clock for Tiffany and Keegan as they head to Scotland to get married.

With Karen, Mitch, Sonia and Jack in hot pursuit – will they make it down the aisle?

A familiar face returns

Pam Coker arrives back in Walford, Jay and Lola hatch a plan to surprise Ben, who is thrilled to see her.

However, feeling awkward with Callum, Ben plays down who he is, leaving Callum gutted.

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