X Factor: Celebrity’s Zara McDermott left in tears after her singing was mocked

X Factor: Celebrity star Zara McDermott may have performed in front of Simon Cowell on national TV last week but she hasn't always been as confident

The X Factor and Love Island star, who previously for the British government, was left in tears after her fellow pupils mocked her vocals during a school performance.

Chatting exclusively to Daily Star Online at the 2019 Best Heroes Awards, Zara's boyfriend, Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson, explained how despite her talent, Zara is self-conscious about her singing.

Sam, 27, said: "Zara is really insecure about it.

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"She sang once in front of her school and they laughed at her… she went through a bad time at school.

"So for her to get on that stage is just beyond anything else, I would have never had the stomach to do that."

Gushing over his girlfriend, Sam continued: "She is pretty awesome.

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"It [X Factor: Celebrity] was all starting out when we started dating.

"I always want to encourage her in what she does."

He added: "She steps out her comfort zone a lot, she is a massive inspiration.

"She inspires me to push myself and do stuff that made deep down I want to do but I am scared to do."

X Factor: Celebrity continues on ITV1 on Saturday

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